En Vogue to Perform at Gay Days Event

The Parliament house has just scheduled En Vogue to perform at Gay Days 2008 on Saturday, June 7th.  After millions and millions of albums sold with Grammy nominated mega-hits such as “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”, “Hold On”, “Givin’ Him Somethin’ He Can Feel”, “Free Your Mind”, “Whatta Man”, “Don’t Let Go (Love)”, “No Fool No More”, “Lies”, “Don’t Go”, “You Don’t Have to Worry”, “Too Gone, Too Long”… the Funky Divas are back, badder than ever!  I think we all remember the Never gonna get it song…  But this is exciting as fuuukkkkkk!!

Last Year we got to see Deborah Cox but she will be seen in many cities at places such as the House of Blues so stay tuned for that as well.  We know Deborah Cox is hotter and sings better than Beyonce!!

If you have not booked your tickets yet for gay days 2008 you better get on it.  Also, get your hotel at the reunion hotel at buena vista palace because they have the hottest pool parties.  Air fares will be going up thanks to higher gas prices so you better book this trip fast!

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