Erika Jayne heated up Dallas Pride

Dallas Pride is always a fun event because it is a weekend just a few weeks after you have time from recovering from Labor Day and a few months away from all the other pride events in the country.  Plus it is one of the biggest pride parades.  Every year there is always something that sticks out more than anything and this year I would have to say it was Erika Jayne.

If you do not know who Erika Jayne is you better get to know her fast as she throws a damn good live performance.  She was the the Clear Channel artist of the month for August and just released a new album called Pretty Mess… a term that describes me fo sure! Erika’s new single “Give You Everything” is on its way up the Billboard dance charts after two #1 Billboard Dance Club Play hits “Roller Coaster” and “Stars”.

Erika Jayne had backup dancers and did a great performance.  I just love watching live performances with dancers especially when they are shirtless hotties.  It certainly adds flavor to the show!  I looked on her myspace and do not see a list of tour dates but hope I can see her again because she was a hit in Dallas!

Erika does not seem to be getting the publicity she deserves but the house was packed and it was hot hot hot.  Actually so hot in there I think the air conditioning was broke or they are not paying their bills over at XCuses which used to be Club One.  Shame on XCuses for throwing us into a cage that was so hot we could not breathe.. I mean really?  I have been to that club several times before and know it has never been that hot inside that building even with Paul Van Dyk playing inside.  They were charging $30 at the door (CASH ONLY) and had hardly any air circulation.  We still had a blast even though – DJ Escape did a great job and we stayed there dancing until 4am and were ready to goto bed after that to make to the Freedom Pride Parade by 1:30pm the next day.

Their was also a trailer trash show in town at the Majestic Theater.   ‘A Sordid Comedy Affair’ from the LOGO TV show Sordid Lives with Del Shores, Caroline Rhea, Rue McClanahan and Leslie Jordan.

The pride weekend had a day at Six Flags park and the parade with big companies that support us such as Whole Foods.  The weekend really started Thursday out at JR’s for Edna’s Angels drag performances then went on to the Tin Room and BJ’s then ended at Station 4 and Tin Room for dancing after the parade as some choose to hit up the T-Dance after the parade.  I think I can say most of us were too much of HOT messes to have made it past Lee Park after pride ceremonies and not have taken a break of some kind.  It was a fabulous weekend with the best part going to Erika Jayne who performed in a hot house but still looked a pretty mess!

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