Gay Days Roundup 2010

Gay Days 2010 has came to an end and it all just happened to fast. One of the biggest highlights of the weekend was the pool parties put on at the Doubletree host hotel for Gay Days. Kimberly S got everyone at the pool going for hours and even brought in a storm or two with the loud beats. Blake Lewis sung in the pouring rain at the Phouse and Hector Fonseca & Theresa closed out with a Kesha “My Love is your Drug” that ripped the dancefloor apart.
I was really impressed with Blake Lewis who performed under the pouring rain at the Phouse even risked getting electrocuted with his synthesizer or whatever that thing was that he was mixing with. He came out be boxing and had some of us fans being drenched when he said he had even two more songs to go.. Hell yeah thanks for that and I am glad I made it to his performance.
Most of the Mark Baker events proved to be a success including his Fascination party that many gave great reviews. I heard lots of good comments on both Universal Studios parties. I especially liked the one with rides and the fire pyrotechnic effects on the side of Tony Moran. The electric rollercoaster even made it more spectacular.
Let’s Go Play was a blast as usual and we were lucky to not have rain this year at this event. DJ Lydia Prim and a performance by Jennifer Holiday.
The best pool party goes to GIRL Radio and Gay Days at the Doubletree host hotel. They put so much more into the sound, lighting, and offered a better hotel for a better price (with an exception of the free weekend ticket offer). You also got your tickets upfront instead of having to show ids for everyone in the room which was a pain at the Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn was a basic hotel not much of a resort. I hope Mark Baker chooses a better location next year. I remember the nice rooms I had last year at the Buena Vista Palace and being able to see the pool well this year was a different story at the Holiday Inn where most were stuck floors so high they had to stretch over a balcony to see the action down at the pool. You did not have to do all that at the Doubletree.
Lots of really creative stuff going on this year. I saw a guy dancing with a water bottle on his head. Two guys doing splits in the sand at the Typhoon Lagoon which was hot and to the music.. a guy break dancing at Arabian Nights and two hot Latinos swinging around in the rain at the Phouse. This is the stuff that makes all these parties so much fun.
I am thankful that the circuit events of Gay Days were saved this year such as Arabian Nights because it would not be the same without it. Also, the Universal Studios part where you can get on rides without big lines and no baby strollers to trip on from 8pm to 2am.
The theme song of the year this year was definitely Christina Aguilera “I’m Not The Same Girl Tonight”. It was played at every pool party, every event, and every club night. I also heard a lot of Kesha and Britney “3”, and Madonna Vogue and Like a Prayer…and that umm Glee song.
Such a great year with so many things to do at the same time it was hard to know what event to go to and not miss out on something.

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