Grindr Premium Features We’d Like to See

grinderhottieshirtlessThere are lots of gay hookup apps out there but we all must admit all we really have time for is the most popular one. So why not make it perfect? New Grindr features we would like to see for premium monthly or yearly subscribers or anyone who uses the app…
1. Not visible to people that have favorited me or still seeing me after I leave a city if I do not wish. This way keeping me visible in what city I’m in at the time.
2. Swipe in Messages. Be able to swipe in message mode down to other messages instead of having to go back and start from the beginning. Biggest complaint!!
3. When I block someone make it actually block them. (May have been fixed)
4. When I delete someone’s message it actually deleted it. Rarely happens… Maybe it’s my phone or a glitch. Looks like they finally got around to fixing this problem.
5. Keep it discreet. Be able to change the very embarrassing image icon that sticks out above all other app images to keep the app discreet. Maybe have a place to toggle the color as well. 

6. Store notes on guys such as phone messages.
7. Change the font on the person’s summary or descriptions to something people can actually read. Otherwise it ends up pissing them off when they think you have not read all their “hitting on them rules” such as saying no “sup” or “looking” or making a fool of ourselves when we hit on someone who is not single. This seems to have been fixed.
8. List travel destinations to appear in that city a few days before arrival.
9. List clubs they may attend that night to find a wing-man to go out with and not just hookups.
NEW! 10. GROUP CHAT – A concept we have not yet seen on any of the apps so far but this would be nice to have when making plans to go out to a club or maybe a 3 or 4 way without having to send back and fourths to others invited.
NEW!  11. Message translation when someone speaks in a foreign language. The keyboard apps may help with this problem. I have not had a chance to try it yet.
NEW! 12. Search within messages. Hornet offers a feature where you can search hashtags and usernames overall but what would really be useful is searching within the actual messages. It would be nice to figure out who you talked to when you visited NYC last or think of a keyword from the chat of that long lost chat you wish you could find again. I have over 2,000 messages and it’s seriously easy for messages to get lost in any app.

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Hornet Vs. Grindr Hookup and Dating Apps
I’ve been trying out the Hornet App the last few days and there are a few things that bother me in it versus Grindr. First, I do not like having too many photos stored in the app. Second,  the KYS is a bit troubling and adds stigma to the app. Mainly because if a Chinese company buys the app… oh wait that happened to Grindr… and it gets hacked and all that data appears online can you imagine the fallout? How can you sue a company that is based in a country that gets away with stealing our data? The who checked you out annoys me in the Premium. It reminds me of Adam 4 Adam where people basically go off on each other for not responding back or feel rejection. Just an unneeded feature. Hornet App completely gets it right and wrong with the Explore. Spammers and stalkers can take advantage of people on the Explore but at the same time it really helps in planning a trip somewhere or maybe deciding where to live. Honestly, that is the main reason I use the Hornet app and hope to get more use out of it. Another great thing about the Hornet App is the search by Hashtag or username. YES! Finally. Grindr has needed this feature forever.


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