Gay Clubs, Pride, Dance Festivals Being Targeted by Terrorists?


This Post was written before the Pulse Nightclub shooting but it was a warning that we need stronger security at gay clubs at big events checking for guns and knives. There has also been attacks at gay bars in Mexico, a fire set to a gay bathhouse in Ybor Tampa, and club formerly known as a gay club in Cincinnati (Adonis) had a shooting where one died and 15 were injured. There have also been many threats received by homophobic groups around the world but security is still not doing their job and wanding people at the front door for guns.

The attacks in Paris, France sent the message loud and clear they are targeting happiness and fun. ISIS and radical islamists do not want anyone having any fun. They want us all to fear them which is why they they go to extremes to behead people and throw gays off buildings then stone them when they do not die from the fall. Now that they are going after concert halls and sporting events the club scene could be next.

A New Year’s Eve celebration at a crowded Seattle gay bar was ruined a few years ago when an arsonist set fire to the venue shortly after midnight. THere were more than 700 people in the club at the time. Two armed anti-gay vigilantes opened fire at a gay club in Moscow called Central Station and with many anti-gay hate acts against the venue it had to eventually close and the owner had to move to the U.S. It kind of makes you wonder when it will happen again not if it will happen. We must not be vulnerable to these types of attacks and know how to safely exit and defend ourselves.

One of the most vulnerable places to attack are places where we feel safe such as a local gay bar where you do not have to go in a metal detector to go inside. Although we also feel pretty safe at large EDM festivals and nightclubs such as Heaven in London where you do go through quite a bit of security to prevent mass shootings and fights.

livingforlove paris attacksSalah Abdeslam a fugitive terrorist currently being hunted by special forces over the coordinated terror attacks in Paris was a regular visitor to the gay village in Brussels, Belgium. He was the driver for one of the suicide squads. Although he did not have the look you would imagine of an ISIS fighter or Taliban type. There is word he may have went to the gay bars to find passports or wallets to help carry out the attacks. It is noted there were missing wallets during the times he was spotted at the bars in Brussels but then again there are always people stealing wallets at gay bars or any bar.

Then it was announced that the hacker community Anonymous pledged to aid the French and other international governments in their quest to bring down the terrorist organization. Already having verified several Twitter accounts tied to the group and shut down various propaganda websites, Anonymous has allegedly unveiled a list of possible targets ISIS plans on striking next.

One of the events listed is particularly jarring to the electronic music world which is a strike on a Drumcode party beginning early Sunday morning in Paris. The gathering is hosted by Concrete, a Parisian techno institution known for its weekly after-parties for club goers occurring in the 12th arrondissement.

Artists set to play that day were Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Joel Mull, Marcelus, and X1000. Comments expressing fear and concern began to circulate on Concrete’s event page, prompting promoters to release a statement deeming the alert a hoax. Later on as the party reached its closing hours, they posted a photo simply reading, “Still standing, still dancing.”

As patrons of the club have taken to Facebook and Twitter to voice their concerns, Concrete has issued a statement which claims these reports are false and the alert is a hoax, while the city is still on high-alert.

These may not be real though because Anonymous has since denied it saying they are not the ones who posted it. Yeah it really gets confusing especially when the name of the group is Anonymous and you can’t quote someone. While other Anonymous groups dispute #OpParis credibility of it’s sources on twitter, #OpParis has claimed that it’s source was confirmed and authorities have now taken action.

Madonna Paris attacksThe party will still go on but it brings to the debate and should open our eyes that we live in a world of terrorism these days and should be alert at all times. If there was a place I would want to die it might well be where I am dancing and happy instead of living in fear watching the cable news.

Madonna has a concert in Paris in December and in Amsterdam and has pledged so far that she will not cancel her Rebel Heart Tour. She made an emotional speech saying “I was gonna cancel my show tonight. But then I thought – why would I let them take the joy away from us”. Which is the right thing to do as we should not fear them and music and love will bring the people together!

We do need to step up security at events in a way that does not turn the event into a total police state. It’s sad that we even need security at all at events where we should be dancing and enjoying ourselves. It’s just too bad that the terrorists and extreme religious groups do not follow our love of PLUR which stands for Peace Love Unity and Respect. They are too busy worshiping a God or a leader but with a soul of pure evil. Love will conquer all.

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