10 Cities in 1 Weekend?

There must be some kind of law that says that all gays must come out from hiding the end of June. You must log out of manhunt and adam4adam and go clubbing this particular weekend or you will no longer exist. Seriously there is lots going on 🙂
June 22, 23, and 24th must be the biggest gay weekend of the year. I never though I would say this but there are too many events going on at the same time. Almost every city has an event, pride parade, or DJ playing that Saturday or Sunday. I have no idea which city to book that weekend and here is why.

Oklahoma City pride is normally so much fun that I hate to miss it. It is not your Long Beach or San Francisco pride but it offers something different. You do not have as big of a parade but there are lots of fun things to do including a festival at one of the parks and a jam-packed nightclub from around 6pm to 2am (following the parade). OKC offers an awesome club that is free to get in and free beer. The atmosphere is so much fun that day making it hard to pass up.

Houston has its pride the same night as well as a True Colors concert that day. Talk about a busy day in Houston.

Gay Canada Comes to Life 

Toronto is having a huge 4 day weekend full of some of the best DJ’s in the world. Toronto’s events will be 19 to enter. June 22-24 will be the Prism Toronto Parties featuring DJ Ed Bailey Thursday; DJ Hector Fonseca Friday at Boot Camp; Aqua Fresh Magazine party with DJ Roland Belmares/DJ Cajjmere Wray on Saturday; Arctic Babylon Tour with DJ Manny Lehman/Tony Moran with a performance from LA’s FLAVA on Saturday (Kool Haus); and Sunday brings a Revival with DJ Peter Rauhofer & Shawn Riker. There will be student passes available for $99 online.

There is also San Francisco pride and NYC pride going on this same weekend among other great cities. I was thinking we would try something different and hit up NYC this year and see what it’s all about during pride until I found this.

It sounds like Toronto wins this year if we wish to try something different but we are still undecided!

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