Krystal Summers Makes the Boys Sweat

You know by now that when they say things are bigger in Texas they are talking about the hair on some drag queens and the boobs.  With Krystal Summers you get a glamour, fashion, and beauty all in one.  She has the sex appeal that brings the gay boys, straight boys, bi-boys, lesbians, straight girls, and everyone else to the Rose Room in Dallas inside the Station 4 nightclubs (S4).  You will also find Krystal Summers performing at JR’s Bar and Grill just down the block on Thursdays.

Krystal can walk into a straight bar anywhere and no one could ever guess she was a man unless you knew her from the shows.  Here are some pictures that were sent to us of her shows in Dallas.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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