Lady Gaga Does The White Party

There were so many cool things going on at the White Party this year for the 20th Anniversary.   You had Chi Chi Larue DJing in one room and then you walk in the other room and hear one of the hottest circuit DJ’s before and after Lady Gaga.  This is after a day of partying at the poolside to Erasure’s Andy Bell spinning and an Amazing performance from those hunky Perry Twins and Nikki Harris.  Wow!

You almost could not have asked for a better DJ line up.  I will have to hand it to Jeffrey Sanker for throwing one first class party.  It certainly exceeded my expectations.  I was not even going to stay Sunday night but ended up staying for the after party to the T-Dance.  Rosabel was playing for this event and you had boxes to dance on and it was lots of fun.

Ana Paula spun after the Lady Gaga performance and kept the energy going so hard that everyone could barely stand after dancing on Saturday night.  It was great to be able to go to the Chi Chi LaRue room and hear different music to change it up.  I love to be able to do that.

We waited for Lady Gaga so long that we stood in the crowd from around midnight to 2am when she finally came on stage.  Some friends went to go get a last drink at 1:30 and I said no she will be on stage at 2 so you better hurry the hell up.  If we would have only known she did not come on until 2am we would have not been waiting so long without any water or drink at all.  No one wanted to leave the area fearing they would miss Gaga.  Well all the thirst was worth it because Gaga put on the most amazing performance ever for this kind of venue.  This girl can sing, dance, and be the sexiest thing on the planet at the same time.

Gaga talked to us a few times during the performance.  And I should call it a concert because it was a full fledged concert not just a club performance that you might have expected.  She actually had her piano out playing with her heels up in the air.  Doing things I thought only Jerry Lee Lewis could do but wearing big bubbles around her.  She let us know that she advocated gay rights with gay marriage and told everyone what she thought of Proposition 8.  She told us that she loved playing for gay crowds and that was certainly obvious because you could tell she wanted to ‘Just Dance’ with us all night long.

She played Poker place twice.. once the piano version and then ended the show with the Poker face mix that was very hot.  This ranks up there in one of the best shows I have seen in all time because of her creativity, energy, and love for everyone.

The White Party has rocked out with Jennifer Lopez and other performers in the past and is a great event with Dj’s and the fierce entertainers. The White Party was a truly amazing experience and not many words can describe what we felt when the baddest diva to come out in a long time took the stage.

Check out one of these pictures on the left you see Lady Gaga come out and have a drink at 3am or so and tease us all with her wine.  She looks a little like Britney used to look in this pic… I love the outfit and hat.  She actually downed that wine.  Love it!

Want more Gaga? Here are some more pics from the west coast White Party.

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