Las Vegas Nightclub Gipsy Gets Taffered on Bar Rescue

sblvgipsyvegasTonight on Spike TV’s Bar REscue they proved they do not always solve the many problems with bars and nightclubs especially the gay niche. Jon Taffer may be an amazing person to look up to when it comes to bar rescues and getting people motivated to do better for their business but this episode was ridiculous. It either showed the Bar Rescue show is an entire fake or they have no sense of fashion or design or did not put enough time/effort/creativity in this rescue.

The rescue is one that was the original gay danceclub called Gipsy that opened up in Las Vegas on the Fruit Loop in the 70’s. It was a busy danceclub for many years and several years back they opened up Piranah and 8 1/2 next door. Same owners which this Bar Rescue did not mention.

Jon Taffer and his crew came in and first of all made the owner quit drinking and shouting names to the bartenders then renamed the bar to SBLV or LVSB some stupid name. This doesn’t sound like a gay bar to me. Yes, it might work for the straight folk but the gays demand something a big more sexy. They took away the danefloor and the drag stage to present a smaller ultra lounge feel. Ultra lounges are so 2009. This is 2013 and we like bigger clubs AGAIN. It looked too antique and not sexy at all.

What happened to Jon Taffer this episode? Has he lost his bar rescue mojo? The show is just not good at fixing up gay bars because the new look sucked. The bartenders did have sexy new outfits on that were a butler look which I wouldn’t mind wearing for a Halloween Block party!

One person commented “I wasn’t impressed with the makeover inside, a 1950’s look fell short to me I was betting that he was going to make it more of a modern ultralouge southbeach look not something from the past.”

Supposedly the bar owner walked off and the club closed and has been light out since this all took place. Although you will probably find all the bartenders and performers next door at Piranha nightclub owned by the same people? Are we being scammed?

The SBLV Fanpage on Facebook has commented on the Bar Rescue:

ONE AGAIN FOR ALL THOSE THAT HAVE NOT SEEN THE PAST POSTS. THIS SHOW BAR RESCUE IS FAKE AND THE ACTIONS OF PAUL AND THE STAFF WERE ALL FOR TV. Scripted could not say enough. If you have ever known Paul San Filipo in the least bit you understand how he really is. Gipsy Nightclub is going to reopen in just a few months to reclaim its spot in the TOP nightlife venues in Las Vegas.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Nightclub Gipsy Gets Taffered on Bar Rescue”

  1. Wow. We all know reality shows are scripted, edited and twisted so they make money, but isn’t it a bit wasteful to trash what just got built? So the renovation was demolished? Why did they let the show do as they pleased, then?

  2. Paul is a great person all around nice person and has did so much for Vegas and the community..I remember Gypsy’s and is more then all the negative feed back for those wants be phoney m…look look pick me …as so many gays do …and are as broke and in getting of Vegas …be thankful for what Paul has done and still does for the fruit loop … personally I don’t think Paul gives a hoot about the negativity comments as he is a very wealthy man and don’t live in the getting and has a gold pot to piss in ….Paul u have always been kind to me even generous when I waited on you and your lady friend …thank you Paul …..

    You are great in everything you put your hands on ….good …put them fools in place when they need to be …twinks or the men who live in a gym and are the first ones to put there legs in the air….or are so masculine till they have a drink or two and then they become Reba…..

    Your a okay in my book Paul … and thank you for giving us a place to go always have fun at parana 8 1/5

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