Compare Beyonce and Madonna in new “Haunted” video

Madonna Beyonce videoHoney B shocked us last night when she all the sudden released a new album with videos on iTunes with no press ahead of time. One of her hottest on the album is Partition and one that has a video very similar to one of Madonna’s named Haunted. Beyoncé has always been a fan of Madonna, and she often does stuff that reminds us of the Queen of Pop.

However some Madonna fans feel unlike Lady Gaga, Beyoncé’s Madonna-inspired work always come off as a tribute, homage, or plain and simple inspiration. In her new video “Haunted,” there are tons of Madonna references (and a very clear Michael Jackson reference too).

I Agree with Billboard on this one, “Beyonce” is one of the best albums of this year. My prediction is that despite not having a pre order it will debut with the highest numbers.. especially out of the girls of pop such as Miley, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and the low sales of Britney Spears latest disappointing album. Partition

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