Madonna Party to Rock Houston Nightlife

I have been feeling under the weather lately and have missed many good parties lately. I think my allergies this year are just killing me. I missed out on the Winter Music Conference that I keep missing every year which features DJ’s such as Sasha and Digweed. There are some parties coming up this Spring that cannot be missed.

I would do away without my Sirius radio addiction for a day to attend one of the hottest parties at South Beach in Houston. I would allow myself loose control on one of the biggest dancefloors in Texas with better music than you will find in NYC, LA, or Miami that night.

Last year the Madonna party called MadonnaRama was out of control thanks to a local radio station catching on to the popular event. It was definitely a mixed but happy, beautiful crowd who all showed up for great music. Yes, great music and I do not say that very much but how can you resist… its Madonna all night. The queen of the night and the queen of pop.

I brought a group of friends with me last year to the Madonna party at Southbeach Nightclub and they were skeptical of listening to Madonna all night. I said you will not realize how different each song is and how amazing this DJ from the former Nation in D.C. knows how to mix. You will also realize Madonna has so many hot, sexy dance songs that do not get played on local radio stations (instead you always hear the jigga-bo-nation on the top 40 stations).

They found themselves dancing harder than I had seen in months to songs “Like a Prayer,” “Vogue,” and this year you can count on hearing the newly remixed “Erotica.” It will be a hot, young crowd as always and DJ Ed Bailey and as you can imagine there will be Madonna impersonators bringing high energy to the crowd.

Additional Houston Events:

Southbeach nightclub in Houston also plans a great event this Friday night called Jungle. If you are in the Houston area we advise you to stop by “Jungle 15” and party with the boys to give back to HIV/Aids services starting Friday night and Sunday at our favorite club in Houston and then Saturday night they are at Warehouse Live for the main event. This is a wonderful Easter Weekend circuit party that contributes proceeds to HIV service providers.

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  1. What a blast the 4th Madonnarama party and won’t ever miss it .One of the hotest party’s of the year!!!

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