Madonna announces More Rebel Heart Tour Dates

madonna rebel heart tour opening act
In a news release Thursday, Madonna announced a list of new concert dates, including a January 14, 2016 stop at Tulsa’s BOK Center for her Rebel Heart tour. The Queen of Pop begins the new year on January 6 in Mexico City, followed by stops in San Antonio on January 10, Houston on January 12, before arriving in Tulsa on the 14th. We have a feeling she will add another NYC, LA, and Houston date as “time goes by so slowly” to her appearing in those cities!

No word yet on when tickets for the new concert dates will go on sale. Her first show for the new tour was last night in Montreal, Canada. We were watching the show last night on Periscope and it was simply amazing with lots of little monsters filming.

Jan. 6 — Mexico City, Mexico, Sports Palace
Jan. 10 — San Antonio, TX, AT&T Centersexy back up dancers in bed to erotica
Jan. 12 — Houston, TX, Toyota Center (Southbeach Nightclub afterparty in H-Town?)
Jan. 14 — Tulsa, OK, BOK Center (Majestic Club afterparty in Tulsa?)
Jan. 16 — Louisville, KY, KFC Yum! Center (Will she stop in and say hi to Kim Davis?)

rebel heart madonna nuns sexyHere is one of the reviews:
“I loved the show. Truly. I’m so pleased that she looked happy, carefree and positive. The crowd seemed electric. While, at times, it felt a little “too safe” compared to previous tours, I did enjoy what transpired. Mind you, there are still aspects and omissions that I, and others, will question about the show. I just wish to apologize to those who took offence at any of my late-night (daiquiri-fuelled) instant reactions to the show. I must express that I truly ADORED it. The lighting, choreography and set design was truly magnificent (though I really don’t see the point to such a large runway and stage now). M never looked better, and during some performances gave off a girlish demeanour that, while frightened me, made me realize that she is having the time of her life and not as much of a “bitch” as she puts herself off to be necessarily.
madonna rebel heart tourTo those of you who aren’t thrilled about the setlist (like myself, I’ll admit, but I’m pleased with most of it!) or stating that you want refunds, bear in mind that this is opening night, and she will likely change things during the course of the tour. This was really more of a “dry run-through” to ensure everything worked the way she wanted it to, and that she got the reactions from the audience that she was hoping for, I’d imagine.
And it’s true, once you actually attend the show in person, it’ll sink in how very clever, powerful and intimate it was – in a way that I had never seen before from Madonna (via periscope until Toronto). But it’s not a bad thing. I cried when seeing True Blue, Material Girl and almost bawled when she had the cape ripped off of her during Living for Love. La Vie En Rose? Her best vocal performance in 20 years, bar none. They were such tremendous moments of passion and perseverance through life’s obstacles.
Madonna is not abdicating any time soon, I’ll tell you that! So don’t be down about Ghosttown or other things you didn’t like. Take the time to appreciate what she has done for this special show. I know it is hard to accept what we want, and feel should be there NOT being there, but we ought to take the time to be thankful that she is going out of her way to do any of this.
Because she sure as hell doesn’t need to in order to make me realize what a wonderful, caring, compassionate person she is. This tour is for the fans.”

jesus last supper madonna concert“Most shocking sacrilegious thing I have ever seen in my life. I’m speechless. Madonna was pole dancing on a cross in front of the last supper & then got eaten out on the table.”

Check out what some of the fans wore to the opening night:
matador demon costume madonna

boy toy wearing madonna outfit

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