MadonnaRama 2008 Pics

madonna partyHouston celebrated a sexual seduction last Saturday night when they brought out the cone bras and the all-time hottest diva. Just a few days before the record release of Madonna’s Hard Candy one of the biggest events took place at SouthBeach nightclub.There were drag performances throughout the night and a club premier of the next single of Give It To Me. There was a hottie wearing a shirt that said Sticky and Sweet which are they lyrics to another guaranteed 2008 club hit Candy Shop.

April 26th must be one of the biggest club nights of the year or maybe the 4th weekend in April. Every club in the nation was throwing some sort of event this weekend. I even saw a Chris Ryan promotion for the Splash club in NYC that had a Madonna giveaway that was 18 to enter last weekend.

Now that the party in Houston is over I now remember what I wanted to bring with me… a lollipop. It would have been the hard candy that I forgot to bring.

JR’s bar and grill in Dallas plans on doing it’s own “MadonnaRama” this Friday but it should be held at Station 4 not in a tavern.  JR’s is free admission but a bar setting and no dancefloor.  Here are some pics from the Houston Southbeach event:  (more pics can be found over at

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