Gay Days 2014 Roundup: Bye Arabian Nights, Phouse tops weekend

arabiannightsmagicjourneysThe final parties have now ended at Gay Days 2014 and it was another amazing year of events and hot boys. The WE Party was coined as the biggest waste of money for the weekend as their production had a lack of energy and it was not as busy as anticipated. Pretty much like the WE Party that disappointed in Los Angeles before New Years. The production of “Vogue” should have been handled by the Parliament House who won this years Gay Days over. The Phouse had a breathtaking lights and laser show outside with tons of boys and mostly good music. DJ Chi Chi Larue was also a huge hit at the Double tree host host hotel party with a huge crowd and energy.

gaydayspool2014The only complaints I have of the Phouse was the Thursday night Latin night should have done changed for the Gay Days crowd. It was unusually hot inside the club and not in a good way. The music should have changed format on the inside dancefloor for the PI at Phouse night. It’s odd they do not do that. They did keep open until 3pm on Saturday night after LeAnn Rimes. She put on an amazing show and was having so much fun on stage she said she wants to do more events like this and that she has never sung in front of a pool before. She also displayed her being on our side for gay rights. The Parliament House did a phenomenal job with their Footlight players dance group and all the drag production. One of the performances was a Phantom of the Opera set that flat out amazed. While LeAnn Rimes was amazing Dev was not as great. She could barely move compared to the country superstar. We had imagined that Dev could dance better for someone that does so many (little) dance songs.

Revolution recently changed its named to RBarr in a slight remodel. We went by there Thursday night and it was not as busy as you would expect but everyone was so spread out and mostly at the Phouse. Plus they had Kidd Madonny over at Pulse making it even more spread out. Pulse was fun as usual wednesday night. Not sure how I feel about the new stage at Revolution it is covered in LED screens which should be placed somewhere else besides the stage area. LED is the way to go though… something that Arabian nights totally missed out on…

LeannrimesphousedarcelArabian nights closing party of Magic Journeys was an event not to be missed but mostly just on Saturday night. The Friday and Sunday night events were not all that packed as we had thought. DJs Rosabel worked it up on Saturday night and I feel like I am stalking Abel now since I have seen him 3 times in the last month. I think the thing Arabian nights missed out on was more led type lighting like they had at the afterhours for White Party Palm Springs. Although its a huge place so it would be a tough task. We were lucky to get the lighting we had in there because its as big as a football field. It will be interesting to see where they bring the afterhours to next year and it will most likely be the Buena Vista Palace ballroom.

Speaking of the Buena Vista palace the pool parties are fun but not nearly as busy as years past. I will not make that mistake next year as I plan on booking a room at the Doubletree host hotel which is the official Gay Days hotel. The Doubletree had the best pool parties with gogo dancers and friendlier people and the expo.

While there are so many events going on for Gay Days weekend in Orlando we found that the places to be were Typhoon Lagoon Friday night for riptide and then get some sleep for the pool party the next day. Then Saturday pool party at Doubletree, Saturday night at Parliament House, and Arabian Nights (or whatever afterhours there will be next year). Sunday night was doubletree pool party then Parliament House foam party or inside dancing.

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