Memorial Day 2007

What is there to do on Memorial Day weekend this year for us gay peeps? I have found a party that is not normally on the list or anything you would ever expect.

Texas-sized Beach Ball

Galveston Island in Texas will be the host location to a circuit event this Memorial Day weekend starting on May 26 with Tony Moran, Angelo Kortez, Justin Ryan, Phil B., and the final party on Monday, May 28th with Alyson Calagna. has all the details of this party that will be held at different venues including the Galveston Convention Center and on the sand. There is also mention of a huge 15,000 square ft. multi-level nightclub where the events will take place. The host hotel is The Hilton Resort Hotel on the beach. This is the first year for this event.

Memorial Weekend Pensacola

I have had many friends go to this event and come back with great feedback. I have not tried it out myself because it is so close to Gay Days in Orlando but I may go for this event this year. Event promoter Johnny Chisholm brings the panhandle area of Florida this annually. Pensacola Memorial Day week starts May 25 and goes on until the 29th.

I have heard that the gay clubs are small in Pensacola but the event is huge with lots of partying on the beaches. I definitely want to check this out myself and see how much fun this is since I have heard so much about it. Then again the looks of the Galveston Island event looks promising as well.

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