Gay In Greece Part II – We have put together a more exotic destination for your Spring Break or Summer vacation this year with nothing less than the best gay party spots.

Mykonos is a Greek island that is near the centre of the Cyclades group of islands. In Greek kyklathes (Cyclades) means circle, or circular and the group of islands is named this way because… well they form a circular pattern in the Aegean sea. They are probably the result of some ancient volcanic activity and, when you hit the right night spots on Mykonos, you could find yourself in for some pretty explosive action too!

At least that’s what most people think. Mykonos has long been called the gay centre of the Greek islands but it is not like other party islands – I’m thinking of Corfu and Rhodes here, islands catering for the 18 – 30 straight and wild crowd. In the past Mykonos was a place where the young and trendy, gay and glamorous set would go to party during the summer months. So much so that it built up a reputation for being outlandish and expensive. But in recent years it has mellowed and what is left behind is a beautiful Greek island that is a great place to chill out while, at the same time, it still provides some very nice gay night life.

The thing about this island is that it is very small and just about everywhere you go you will find a gay friendly bar or restaurant. As with Athens it doesn’t pay to be too overtly gay, I mean don’t proposition any guy you happen to meet as Greek men tend to be macho and “bisexual” rather than openly gay: they wouldn’t want to be ‘outed’ in front of their friends and family. So take it easy, be polite but be prepared to let your hair down when you find one of the gay bars. And there are plenty to choose from. None of them cater for any one particular kind of crowd, anything goes in most of them: young or old, tranny or butch… whatever you’re into you’ll find everyone goes to their favorite bar because of its atmosphere or location rather than because it attracts other young or old guys, trannies or leather queens.

For a night out in Mykonos Town, the main port and town of the island, you’re spoiled for choice. You could try 4 Roses for a varied mix of clientele, music and late night dancing. Icaros does attract a younger crowd but mainly in the peak summer months. You’ll find it above the Manto bar where it has a quiet mood, a great terrace and some late night cabaret from time to time. For a mainly English speaking crowd there is the Ikon bar and for more sophistication there is Kastro’s bar with a great sunset view and cocktails. Montparnasse is am piano bar with ‘American style’ music and regular cabaret performances and for the big party or that late night rave you should head over to the ‘gay square’ at ‘Matoyianni’, the main street. Here you will find Pierro’s where the crowd spills out onto the street. There is a disco and a café here so you get the best of all worlds.

Those are just some of the night spots you’ll find and they all tend to be close to one another so maybe spend your first night in Mykonos wandering the main town (it’s not very big) until you have found a place you like. A good idea is to establish a base, a bar or café that you like, and start your evenings off from there. You’ll find in Greece that once you start using a bar regularly the guys who work there will be inclined to look after you. You’ll find freed drinks poured for you and some really friendly locals who will point you to what they consider the best place for a gay night out.

Play it cool, respect the islanders and above all – have fun!

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