New Orleans Gay Scene

New Orleans or as we call it NOLA, The Big Easy, or Nawlin’s has changed a bit since the last time we were there.  We haven’t been to the Big Easy since well Katrina roared its ugly floods over the landmarks.  You will still find some of the same bartenders working at Oz, Bourbon Pub, and even places such as the Corner Pocket.

We were more impressed with the dancefloor at Club Oz than anything else.  Although it was open 24 hours it is missing Bianco and not half the drag showings it used to do.  I guess you have to come on a Wednesday night where they claim to give $2,000 prices to a winner or Sunday night at 8pm.  Sunday seemed rather lonely in the place but the Dancefloor was definately pumping Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at Oz.  The bartenders at Oz were not the happiest on the planet and acted like they were working more for the TSA than serving drinks.  The drinks were not only expensive but they did not take credit cards on weekend nights.  How can an establishment exist that takes no plastic in the 2000’s?

Even the oldest bar in the US Good Friends takes credit cards.  Now what excuse does Club Oz have for this.  We will say Oz had our favorite dance stages to jump our booty’s on around on.  We mostly walked over to Bourbon Pub just for the credit card tabs then went back to Oz to Dance.  Bourbon Pub had some hot Gogo Dancers and played the best in videos although their show upstairs was not really all that going on in some kind of attempt of a contest.

Of course we love the outside patios on Bourbon Street to be able to look down and see all the Navy Boys walking by.  Yes, you heard it right it was Fleet Week while we were there is is not only US Military but we get the military of all of NATO partners and we meet French, Canadian, among other Peace loving countries.   Everywhere we looked we would see military boys in white and light brown.  This event changes cities internationally every year so it maybe awhile before it resurfaces in New Orleans.

The Rawhide was another bar we frequented throughout our stay because it was across the street from our hotel.  The Inn on Ann St. This inn was not only around $100 bucks a night but had hard wood floors, freezing A/C. nice beds, ceiling fans, nice furniture, security cam guarded, wifi, and was a walking distance to the gay bars we cared about.  Rawhide also had some of the friendliest bartenders in town.

We then had an amazing meal at Vacherie who is part of the same restaurant family as the Cafe, a smaller place just a few streets down.  They both offered menu items that will make you want to eat this blog post with Fried Green Tomatoes, Pork Tenderloins/Beef, and the list goes on.  They had amazing food and we were have glad to get good food while in the Big Easy.

Now we get to some of the bad part of the NOLA scene.  The Corner Pocket was really a fail for us because we thought it would be hotter, cleaner, less aggressive guys and better sound system and a tad darker in the place.  It was so smokey in there that my contacts literally fell out probably on some bacteria that is unknown to the International Health Organization.  I left that contact there to never see it again.  They charged us five dollars to get in this place when it was dead and with the high price of their cocktails what is the point.  To sit in a small bar where dancers with meth bumps prance around with their bare butts in your face making you feel like you need to not only shower after they dance but you need to maybe get a scabies check and dose down a few vitamins.  We would love to see a better dancer bar in NOLA so we hope someone else takes the pride to do so!

Strangely where were any masseurs in New Orleans?  WE noticed there was hardly any ads on Rentboy, Craigslist, or Adam4Adam.  You would think that since NOLA is such a tourism resort that there would be more boys around for massages.  Maybe we never looked in the right places but how does a man get a massage in New Orleans?

Upcoming Events in New Orleans French Quarters:

Southern Decadence is August 29 – September 3, 2012.  This is held on Labor Day weekend and will be one of the top ten gay events of the year here in the US featuring world class DJ coming in town.

Jazz Festival (it covers 2 weekends) April 29th. – 1st. and May 5th. – 8th.
Memorial Day Weekend May 27th. – 30th.
July 4th. Weekend, Independence Day
Red Dress Run August 13th.

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