New York City Wants Your Money

I love New York as Madonna says.  Although, she also says that New York is a state of mind when she toured to the other cities she traveled on her Confessions tour.  Recently she was spotted in a trendy gay bar The Ritz  in New York City for her trainers birthday party.  But what ever happened to the good ole days when you could see her perform at Roxy… well there is no Roxy anymore!

New York City wants to reduce thier hard hit budget projected at $4 billion and they unveiled a marketing campaign to attract more GLBT tourists from around the world.  They will be competiting for the top vacation spot over Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and places such as P-town.  The problem is that this is just marketing/advertising.  It is not bringing back the gay friendly NYC we once knew.  It does not bring back the big dance clubs nor does it get rid of the ridiculous dance permit laws.

Yes there are still dance clubs but small and overcrowded basements and lounges just do not count.  Not saying that clubs are the only reason for tourism but the fact that they became so overly stict shutting down gay establishments a few years back and when they turned down a gay pride festival that really sent a bad taste towards the Bloomberg types and chased people away from that scene.

When I can goto a bigger club in Columbus, Oh and a more exciting gay pride parade on the same weekend why travel to NYC?  Actually more cities should take note on the coolness and liberalness of Columbus for their pride.

NY does have some exciting things to see as a tourist now though.  In June, they plan to open a High Line Park on New York City’s Gansevoort Street.  An abondoned railway turned park and elevated walkway in the sky that will cover a total of 1.45 miles.

This Rainbow Pilgrimage campaign comes months in advance of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan in June.  It sounds like if you plan to hit up NYC then June is the best time.

I need to make it to NY soon and I am glad that they are spending money advertising to GLBT.  Maybe they will come back.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

2 thoughts on “New York City Wants Your Money”

  1. To be quite honest with you Im freakin sick and tired of naive idiots saying this same crap over and over again “Big clubs are from a different era” Let me just say this: If big clubs were from a different era there would not be nearly 30 Pacha nightclubs internationally (including the one on west 46th street in Manhattan) and there would not be 6 Crobar nightclubs scattered in 6 cities in the states and around the world (with the possibility of a 7th one).There are a few big clubs in Montreal,Toronto,and even Vancouver.Las Vegas and Miami have New York beat because they have a much better and more exciting nightlife than New York has (as of today) Both Miami and Las Vegas have a good number of big clubs.London has their “Ministry of Sound” Nightclub which is still one of their hotspots Ibiza still has a good number of options (including the main Pacha Ibiza ).Los Angelas has a few big clubs as well.What makes New York’s gay scene so PATHETIC is that Dayton Ohio has a bigger gay club than New York has today.How do I know? Ive been there twice last summer.Which brings me to my other point,there are still PLENTY of big clubs here in the States and around the world.The thing is,you have to be willing to travel to experience them.People need to educate themselves on whats really out there,there is a HELL OF ALOT more out there than just the tired lame basement sized places in New York today.This is NOT a question of which era the big clubs were in.This is about the fact that New York has become an anti-gay,anti-nightlife corporate neo-conservative Shithole.If people werent so damn naive and ignorant maybe we wouldnt hear so much of that “big clubs are of a different era crap”.

    If New York wants to be on top again,they better get their shit together and stop acting like New York is some suburban bedroom town in the midwestern section of the Country.REAL New York is about culture,variety,cutting edge nightlife,fashion,good entertainment,and the people.

    New York wants more gay visitors they need to stop trying to chase out the gay residence as well as its visitors.NO MORE shuttering and singling out the gay clubs and bars.NO MORE false arrests of gay men for ALLEGED prostitution.AND FOR CHRIST SAKE

    NO MORE OF THIS “YOU ARE NOT EQUAL,BUT WE STILL WANT YOUR MONEY” Bullshit.Enough is Enough already.Its as if we have been brought back to where we were exactly 40 years ago.This is 2009 NOT 1969.Lets start acting like it.

    This is why we need to get rid of Bloomberg,niether he nor Christine Quinn have been a friend to the Gays,they just want our money.If you are smart you will stay away from New York,there are better prides going on in other areas anyway.I know I wont be here,Ill be in Toronto for pride this year as I was last year.

  2. Amen Amen Amen brotha!! Best post ever!

    But see people think they are going to a club when they goto a big concert or something I guess..wooo how un-fun watching other people dance! F-that. I want to dance not see a bunch of aero performers or lighting without a dancefloor or box for me. lol.

    YES YES YES get rid of Bloomberg. Who cares that hes kissing butt for gay marriage– there are political replacements that can give us further rights that ALL gays can use not just the ones getting hitched.

    Yeah all the cities in Ohio have bigger clubs that NYC that I have been to. LMAO. Ohio for heaven’s sake. The cities with the bigger clubs have the bigger balls and they are the cities we should give our fabulous tourism money. I agree we should ban NYC tourism as single gay boys until they give us a big club — big clubs are like our big churches just with Lady Gaga instead of Joel Osteen.

    Come back and post more. I love your thoughts!

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