NYC College Saturday Night

Now you do not have to worry about missing class the next day.

Saturday, November 13 comes a new party in NYC. NYC the birthplace of the original A-list. Club 57 presents a new College Party with only a $5 cover for anyone aged 21-25 before midnight. Who gets out before Midnight? Um you if you want to get in for $5.
The real question though is why not just get out before 11pm and get free cover or at 10pm and get a full open bar. DJ Johnny Dynell spins this downstairs at Club 57 then you can walk downstairs to see Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet DJ Escape or walk over to the lounge and hear DJ Keo Nozari.

POPular’s grand opening also has performances from Krystal Something-something, Charmin ultra, Mary Jo Camelltoe, Backspace, an Jimmie Sprinkles.

I am a bit confused though because it says its a college party then it talks about a special price for ages 21-25 at a $5 cover but does that mean it is an 18 and up event to compete with Rush? It says no where on the flyer if it is an 18 and up event or not so I will assume it is not.

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