NYC’s Black Party Moves from Brooklyn to Manhattan

The Black Party in NYC is one of the wildest and kinkiest things to do in spring with over 5,000 of the city’s most daring men. The all-night and day party is a fetish fest that promises high-flying aerial sex stunts and performances with an endless supply of leather. You are probably guaranteed to smell lots of poppers in the air. The party was held in Brooklyn but now it has moved to Manhattan to Space Ibiza on West 50th. According to the Saint At Large Facebook page a huge warehouse party was shut down just this past weekend in Sunset Park so they had to make certain that all the permitting is secured which led to a wait in the official location announcement.

The tickets are over $100 for the event but you can go cheaper if you wish to go in the wee hours of the morning. Saint At Large Tickets are $50 after 9am and the closing time is now 6pm Sunday evening. There are some complaining about the new Space venue saying it will be smaller than the one in Brooklyn so it may be best to go early in the morning and pay less. People are also saying they are relieved they do not have to go over to a sketchy neighborhood in Brooklyn to attend this party but getting a room in Manhattan can be an accomplishment in itself. You can check out hotel recommendations below.

“What kind of party is this? It says no cell phones. Struck me as strange.”
Do not bring your cell phone to this event or know it will need to be stored at the front. The Saint At Large provides a complimentary phone check which creates a more intimate experience. “This is the kind of party where you don’t take pictures or dick around on your cellphone, the old fashioned kind of party where you dance, socialize, dress outrageously (if you so desire), and do ‘naughty’ things that you don’t want your mom or boss to find out about.” What happens at Black Party stays at Black Party.

What else is going on in NYC for gays this Saturday night?
Victor Calderone is playing at Depot 52. Frankie Bones is playing a gig someplace. And another party that night is hosted by Zero (they always throw amazing events).

If you are traveling to the Black party in NYC from out of town you may want to check out these ride options as an alternative to Uber. Also, we recommend using these services over booking expensive hotels:
1. MisterBnb: (Gay AirBnb Alternative) $25 Credit.
2.  AirBnb: $25 Credit.
3.  Discount codes on hotel stays.

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