Oklahoma City Scene big on Tues and Weds Nights

The nightlife in Oklahoma City is biggest on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights.  Tuesday nights are a $5 beer bust at the Copa located inside the Habanna Hotel.  The gay hotel called the Habanna also features a vending machine selling lube, poppers (video head cleaner), Jungle Reds, and The Finish Line in the lobby).  Talk about everything all in one place!

Tuesday nights are a mixed crowd at the Copa nightclub but it is mostly gay and features a underwear dance contest where the contestants dance to an entire song with a drag queen commenting on each mostly naked boy.  The boys in the contest are normally hot but some you may just enjoy their entertainment (not being looks in some).  There have been known to be OCU and professional dancers enter the contest and it gets hot when some straight toned boys get in the action on stage at the Copa.

Wednesday nights in Oklahoma city are at the Boom.  The Boom which also offers a contest similar to the one on Tuesdays at the Copa offers more laughs and entertainment during and before the contest.  Around 10:30pm the show begins at the Boom located off of 2701 NW 36th street (inbetween Penn and May Avenue).  If you are a local to Oklahoma City nightclubs then you may recognize the building as the old leather bar called Levi’s which was remodeled and turned into the Boom with a much younger following (at least on Wednesdays).

The show on Wednesdays includes the Kitty Bob comedy show with other special guest drag queens from Oklahoma City.

If you wish to party in Oklahoma City on a Saturday you will be forced to hear the beats of hip hop at the Copa nightclub.  I hear they play the same CD every Saturday night including “Shake your car keys”.  You may want to run over to the Wreck Room to enjoy some good music with DJ Desire.  Although, don’t expect a crowd, the Wreck Room has been rather dead lately thanks to the local news stations doing undercover stories.

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