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gomorra movie guys in speedos frenchWe started our trip in Paris where it was quite a dilemma trying to even eat dinner.  The restaurants in the area we stayed in were mostly tourist traps or complete rip offs.  I am not big on French food in the first place but these touristy places were like one scam after another.  They actually had salespeople getting you to go into certain restaurants to eat dinner and in some of the clubs had commissioned people to find a sucker to buy drinks and pay cover for a dead club.

I went out two nights in Paris.  The first night was Thursday where I had the taxi drop me off on any street that sounded close to the gay area called Marais.  I had to write down the address and show it to the taxi drivers in most cases because we had such a language barrier.

Thursday Night
Le Cud (12 Rue des Haudriettes / This hangout had a video bar when you walk in with a stairs that led down to a cave like area.  Going down the stairs I noticed urinals where you could see people peeing just before the coat check at the bottom of the stairs.   I thought that was odd but had some sort of erotic effect I suppose for some.  The  they played Britney Pieces of Me, Madonna Give it to Me.  Strange drinks in tall glasses with lots of ice. Try getting a non-alcoholic beverage with ice like water you wont.. only when it has alcohol in it to make you think your getting a better drink. Gotta love the name of Le Cud — Cud sounds like something kinky to me.

Friday Night
My stay Friday night in Paris all pointed to one place that I found online.  S’PLASH at Les Bains Douches (7 Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé / on Friday looked the hottest crowd from what I could see online.  Funny that it sounds like Lesbians Douches which is how I remembered the name to tell the taxi driver. They even had some flyer advertised when you signed into  I got there to Les Bains Douches and no one had any clue what Splash was about at the door but it was a emo crowd around 18-25 listing to Indie music mixed in with some pop.  The dance floor was very basic with no real club lighting and light up like a lounge.  The crowd seem mixed but I am not sure I had a slight communication problem with everyone (me speaks no French).

Raidd (23, Rue du Temple / ended up being more fun with a more gay crowd and saw a few other tourists in this club such as myself.  Raidd had some good electro music and pop music with a buff dancer showering right before everyone on the dancefloor.  This was a very trendy club and even had a downstairs bar and several areas to makeout and fondle someone you just meet at the bar.  Raidd seemed to be 18 to enter but I never saw them id anyone.

I ended up again at Le Cud because I had so much fun there Thursday night I went back.  Wished I could have found that hot boy that did not speak English at all but there was not even a way to get his number.

Le Depot (23, Rue aux Ours / was a place I ended up around 3 or 4am.  This is what some would call a bathhouse or some might call a club but it was both.  Le Depot had two dancefloors and rooms you could rent to have some fun or just pass the ass out.  Every city should have one of these because its nice to be able to get drunk and then hit the hot tub then pass out and not have to worry about driving home drunk.  There were mazes you could walk through if you were in the mood for all that to be fondled and feel up on others as you walked through because it was rather dark.  It was kind of a club like scene in the dance area because most people seemed to be in their cliques sort of like a nightclub you see in the states as if they did not acknowledge the dark cave-like rooms all around them.  The great thing about Le Depot is that you can drink all night long and entrance is only €10 with one drink included.

I did not get to check out Club 18 at 18 Rue du Beaujolais ( just because I did not notice it after I had a few drinks.  I would have sure like to have at least gotten to check it out.  Club 18 is supposed to be a small club for the “young, wild” crowd.

Queen Club (102 Avenue des Champs-Élysées) – It also looks like I missed out on the best club of them all judging from what I see online now that I am back in the States.  I want to go back just to see what this club is about. shows a hot club on the Champs-Élysées strip where they throw some gay parties and it seems the boys in the pics are hot.   If anyone checks this club out then let me know how it is below in the comments!!!

The Marais is the gay area where they have Open Café which is fun at happy hour, and Quetzal is more of a late night place.  You will find most of the gay hangouts and shops in the Marais area.

I noticed hardly anyone gets on craigslist in Paris or UK.  I found Gay Romeo to be more of a site for those looking to date but some are looking for a quickie but you can normally tell in the green lettering on their search.  Then there are and a few other personals sites.

Make sure you watch out for thieves who can steal your wallet and keep your wallet in your front pocket or do not bring it out at all.  I just put my cash and license in my front pocket.  I didn’t bring my passport out because no one really I’d me or I’d anyone from what I could tell.  Read more about traveling and foreign exchange fees here.

eiffel tower view paris frMy next journey to Paris I plan on doing less tourist things and more gay oriented things.I will be checking out what hotels are closest to the Marais area. The Best Western Marais Bastille and Citadines Paris Bastille Marais seem likely candidates since I can earn points for Best Western. My goal is to spend less on cabs and more on drinks. You can do this by searching hotels in Kayak and using the pull down menu for neighborhoods such as Marais/Bastille.

I also plan to learn more French just to speak a few basic things. Thank God we all say Vodka but saying cranberry may be a different story. I find it strange so many do not speak English well but most of their music was Britney, Madonna, Katy Perry, and other English singing artists.

The pic of the boys (above) shooting off an automatic machine guns wearing speedos is hot. This Gomorra movie advertisement is all over the subways and display ads across Paris. This must be something like our rack-em-in-the-nuts movie we did in the U.S. called Jackass or it could be a serious film… either way its sexy.

Please comment below about your Paris experience I would love to hear about your trip. Read more about Gay France.

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