Pensacola 2010

It is hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend has came and gone.  We had a great time out on the beach in Pensacola this year but missed out on a few things.  The Johnny Chisolm party was missing from the beach and its big Saturday night event called Wave.  Joe Gauthreaux was djing at Emerald City though Saturday night to make up for it and did an amazing sweaty job as we danced until around 3am.  We made it over to the afterparty over at MySpace or however you spell it and it was dead but who needs afterparties when you have a beach to get back to underneath the moonlight in your tent.  It was great to meet so many guys from Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.  Can’t wait to go back next year and enjoy the beautiful beach again if it does not get ruined by the BP oil volcano attacking the gulf coasts.

We were amazed at the small group of protesters across from Emerald City everynight and how loud those people are.  We did notice that their hate group was not as big as it was a few years ago and that the lesbian holding up the love sign was the cutest thing ever mixed in with the crowd of haters.  As for Emerald City we just love that club and wished I could go there more often.  Good music, nice people, and in one of the most beautiful beach cities on the planet.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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