Lady Gaga rides on the V Factory Disco Stick

We’ve got lots of Divas, halos, and strong women in the countdown this month.  March Madness was more about the Fame Ball tour than anything else.  Yes, there was the Circus tour going on as well with Britney Spears which has had great reviews and touched down this week in cities such as Kansas City, Dallas, and Houston.  March has turned out to be a Britney vs. Lady Gaga Madness of its own.  The two divas have been battling it out for the Princess of Pop in which Perez Hilton has already tried to give away to Magesty Gaga.  Britney may have lost this because she just is not as fierce as she once was but she is still pretty close.  Britney is on her way to getting her thang back!

When Lady Gaga came on American Idol and everyone could tell she can not only play instruments but actually sing.  SING.. that is something we are not used to with pop divas.. they never want to sing and move around at the same time.  It is hard work so I can understand why but you have to give it to her for doing it.  The Fame ball tour hits up a few more places before she trades places with the Pussy Cat Dolls and heads overseas for their combo tour. Not sure where Britney when this is going on.  And where will Lady Gaga be for New Years?? Sign me up I want to come!!  I will bring me and my new wingman.

Love game was one of the most played songs I heard in LA making it #2 on the charts this month.  Of course everyone is playing Poker face but that was being played big in January we got’s to change it up some.

#1 Love Struck – V Factory (Tracy Young Club)

#2 Love Game – Lady Gaga  (Robots to Mars mix) “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”- yee haa! She also just set a record this week with having two number ones at the same time which has only been done by other girls like Mariah Carey, Tiffany.

#3 My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarksen

#4 Halo – Beyonce (Dave Aude Club Mix)

#5 Poker Face – Lady Gaga

#6 Bad, Bad Boy – Perry Twins and Nikki Harris (Madonna’s backup singer) with DJ Encore

#7 Circus – Britney Spears (Junior Vasquez Club)

#8 God in Me – Mary Mary (Sanchez club mix)

#9 If You Seek Amy – Britney Spears

#10 Body Rock – Luke Johnstone

#11 Beautiful – Akon (Rizzo funk)

#12 Cher (she’s back) – A Different Kind of Love Song – Cher remixes were available for the first time to be downloaded digitally at

#13 Wanna be a DJ – Amberose Marie

#14 Day N’ Night – Kid Cudi – this mix has a little dance, hip hop, and just some spring break fun to it.

#15 Lily Allen – The Fear (Wideboys Dirty vocal)

#16 Beautiful U R – Deborah Cox (Yinon Yahel mix) She is scheduled to perform at Gay Days coming up at the Parliament House the first Saturday of June.  She is beautiful and puts on a great show with her diva voice.

Another hot hot hot song is the opening act for Lady Gaga’s House of Blues dates where she had White Tie Affair open.  They have a great club mix out that I have heard some on BPM radio.  Wished they would play the White Tie Affair more it should be on the charts next month!

Coming up this April and May–

Green Day comes out with their new album next month.  Their American Idiot broke sales records and was one of the best cd’s of all time.  Amazing concert and great work!

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