Portland Gay Scene

First of all if you judge them from their website you will think headless pics of men with tatoos with graphics from 1999 sparkling around.  It also misleads by saying “Where the Party Never Ends” oh it ends at 1:50 or so and that is way too early to quit partying on a Friday or Saturday night.  The dancers seem to quit even earlier or have bounced around their asses long enough and are taking a few.

I had friends tell me who have visited Portland before that you will see full nude dancers at this Silverado place.  It seemed more like an ass showing than the package and balls in the front. We went over to Silverado Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and it never seemed all that busy but I guess it must have it weeks or times when hotter dancers are there. We were expecting it to be more like Oasis/wet in DC or like Swinging Richards in Atlanta but it was not as erotic if you ask me.

We heard that they had moved from another location on the hill and it was more on the grubby side of things and now its just not as dirty or scandalous.  They do have male strippers seven days a week and located not far from the Embassy Suites hotel if you want to stay close off of 318 SW 3rd Avenue.  The Silverado site claims it is open until 2:30am and there is no way we were told to leave at 2am every night.  SO that is a lame tease.

Steam is the bathhouse and if you get on Craigslist you will find them shamelessly promoting the place saying “21 yr old bottom needs plowed,” but oh I cant talk on email just come out to the Steam and find me.  Good luck with that!

Red Cap Garage
This was by far my top two favorite places to see in Portland not only does it have a unique name, logo, and feel but the dancefloor was the best with a balcony and boxes to dance on and the dancers were good.  If you look on review sites they will say that Red Cap garage is a mixed crowd and it is but its more gay and the girls who go there
are ones you would so want to be your next fag hag.  They seriously could have a fag hag special bring one in get one free.  We experienced the foam party but did not dare to get in the foam but danced to the good music and watched some erotic dancing in the foam.  The night before they were having a Fag Tag party and that was where everyone wears white and gets a florescent marker at the door and writes things all over each other.  A great idea for any club it was interesting to go around and read what everyone wrote on each others shirts.  You would see things like “I’M a Bottom” and “Cum Dump.”  Cute. It was a hot college crowd!

If REd Cap Garage (Stark and 11th) was my second favorite club then the top spot goes to CC’s or as some call it CC’s slaughterhouse.  We would sure like to know why its called that was itformerly a Slaughterhouse or something? or is it a meatmarket theme? We attended an after Labor Day White Party at this venue and listened to the fabulous music of DJ Robb.  He even spun the new Robyn Hang with Me Song!

I loved the CC’s Slaughterhouse because it had plasma screens where you could text DJ requests and text and flirt to other people in the club if they happen to look up at the screen.  With Grindr these days though many just get on their iPhone to find someone.

The bar next door called the Rainbow lounge was more like a coffee shop and was not playing the same music as CC’s Slaughterhouse.  We could not figure out sometimes they did not even have music and just seemed like a waste of precious club time to stand around in there waiting on a drink with no music– we can do that at Starbucks.  The bartenders were not really catching up with the lines either or they needed more bartenders.  It took way too long to get a drink around 30 minutes and that is way too long for us gays on a Saturday or Friday night.

Friday nights seemed to be more of a bear night but the music was still good.  Thursdays are hip hop with mostly top 40 Pop music and busy, and wednesdays were moderate not real busy with dance music at CC Slaughters.
OVerall the club had a fun dancefloor and boxes with gogo dancers and an upper VIP like area with pretty strong drinks it was a must see club.

This is a club that was more latino on Fridays, has foam parties that do not last very long and most of the people come in Boxes to drink then walk over to the Red Car Garage to Dance since it has the bigger dancefloor and Boxxes has the stronger drinks.  They are connected by a hallway and some random bar in the middle.  I would call Boxxes more of a bar than a club and the name is a bit misleading considering when I think boxxes I want boxxes to dance on.

Beware of the black lights in PDX town they will be everywhere.  Yes, Boy George called from the 80’s and he wants his Black lights back. Also beware of the bums they are everywhere and annoying as hell.  I guess they think you are so rich you can afford to give them two dollars every time we see one of the thousand bums who ask everyday.  Don’t they know we are saving our money for hot barbacks, bartenders, strippers, gogo’s, and fierce drag queens.. who has money left for a bum? Maybe if they take their shirt off (the cute ones)

If your looking for a Whole Foods in PDX then you can find one down the street from Boxxes. A nice, big whole foods across from a DIESEL on 12th Avenue and then not too far from an American Apparel.  So many good places all in one area.

Hotels in the area that are mainstream are the Embassy Suites right by China town and close to Silverado’s, CC Slaughters, Dirty, and Voodoo Doughnuts.  Just think you can walk out of your hotel room and order a ‘cock and balls’ at Voodoo Doughnuts then go farther down the street and get a dance from a hot stripper at Silverado.  Other hotels not far are the Marriott Courtyard and some others that were not well known chains.

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