Prague Gay Places: Termax, Czech Boys & Smoked Alcohol

Prague is a beautiful city and a really nice, modern airport.  I am not sure what the average income in this town is but I cannot understand how everything can be so nice but yet the boys all seem to have no money and are all escorts.  The club scene is fun but the clubs are mostly bars with small dancefloors about as big as a living room and that is if you goto a club instead of a hustler bar.

I felt uncomfortable inside the clubs because you couldn’t tell who was someone who you could talk to without charging up a tab lol.  There were so many escorts out that how do you know when you meet the love of your life inside this place.  Or your trick for the night.  All of the hot guys seemed to have been on their own entrepreneurial clocks.  It was like a Hustlaball party without the freebies.

We went out on a Wednesday and Thursday nights out to Escape, Termix, and Valentinos.  Valentinos was  the biggest but it was not three levels like I had read online unless I read something wrong or went on the wrong night.  Maybe they open up another level on Fridays and Saturdays.  Valentinos  and Termix were both busy.

Termix was so packed on Wednesday night that you could not move.  Packed with hotties but most of them could have been escorts or thugs.   The music was great and the drinks were ok.  There was even a dark room to have some fun with boys you meet right past the bathroom stalls which had full doors on them.  Nose candy girls would surely like those liberal restrooms.

Termix (Trebizskeho 4a, Praha 2, Vinohrady) was so packed you had to stand to the side of the bathroom hall just to breathe.  If you tried to talk through the crowd you might get stuck and every just lock themselves in.  They must not have fire marshals in this town.  I will say when its packed like this to always guard your wallet in your front pocket and hold onto your valuables.  I had my wallet in my front but I also had a brand new iphone 3g s 32 Gigabyte and got it stolen.  I imagine this happens several times a night on Wednesdays or crowded nights at this bar because they did it very slick.  I had no idea it had happened until I felt naked without my iphone.  Imagine traveling in Europe with no phone which is what I am doing thanks to this thug.

Termix Hours are:
Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 21:00 – 06:00
Thursday 21:00 – 06:00
Friday 21:00 – 06:00
Saturday 21:00 – 06:00
Sunday closed

TerMAX – formerly Valentino (Vinohradska 40, Prague 2, Vinohrady) had a lounge on the first floor where you can chill and sit at a table then you walk down a stairs and enter the club where it is normally pretty busy as well but a lot more room to dance.   The DJ is almost on the dancefloor spinning and even dances around on Thursday nights.  He was quite a fun character just like the weds night dj.

TerMax is only open on weekends now that we know of since the new ownership so no more Thursday’s. It’s open Friday 22:00 – 06:00
and Saturday 22:00 – 06:00. Looks like a Monday night must really suck in Prague now.

The money is in Czech crownes or corunas as they call them and very confusing and the bad thing is at these bars you cannot use a credit card so you almost have to have that iphone for conversion.  Or maybe its better to leave the iphone at home and get ripped off in another way lol.  I think it was around 200 crownes or 300 everytime I turned around.  You find yourself going to the ATM and getting out thousands of these and feel rich until a taxi rips you off.  Make sure you do not let a taxi charge over 200 crownes to take you inside a Praha area.  Their rates seem to vary significantly so you pretty much have to ask what they will charge before you step in the cab.

We also check ed out a male stripper club called Escape and it was located near some 13th century buildings and not too far from a Castle that their president lives in.  At Escape you have to ring a bell to be let inside the gate to go down into the bar.  This is a hustler bar where they have shows every hour or so and do a nude striptease.  I will say these Czech boys are just beautiful no wonder they are all porn stars but its too bad they are all hustlers…not that I have anything against escort boys hell I goto Hustlaball every year and it’s a blast.  I just couldn’t believe how many hotties you will find but its so strange being inside a club and there being more rent boys than there are customers. Celebrities is the local gay diner with a patio which is a fun place to hang out.  There is also Temple and some other places to check out but the main gay clubs are Valentino’s and Termix.

I do recommend you get picked up from the airport from a gay tour guide or someone who speaks English who you feel will not rip you off…although all of them ripped us off.  It is like the city of con artists, beautiful boys, and beautiful scenery.  A really good source for looking up travel information such as hotels and nightlife all in one google map is

Chemistry bar – The bar is located in the old cellar with lots of history. The bar uses a world-class unique type of luminescent lighting to revive a chemical atmosphere. They also brought chemistry to the offer with drinks served in lab utensils, with a choice of multiple experiences such as a smoking drink or smoked alcohol. We have yet to try it but will on our next run to Czech Bel-Ami land.

Lollypop @ Radost FX – One place we did not get to check out we hear is the best gay night is Radost, a trendy straight disco club but on the first Friday of every month they host Lollypop, a gay disco which almost every gay boy in town attends. Lollypop is fun but beware that after 11pm they start to charge 200 crowns to get in. Belehradska 120, Vinohrady, Tel: 224 254 776.

One of the times we enjoyed Prague in the Czech Republic was see the Queen of all Queens Madonna.  Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour and the MDNA tour.  She inserted a few extras than I have seen in the past few shows but we will get to that in another post.  Her show was at the Chochav National Amphitheater and it was way far from the scene in Prague.  We took the subway and all Madonna ticket holders got to ride the metro for free without any hassle of messing with tickets and that was a crowded delight. If you get the chance to see a superstar like Lady Gaga or Madonna in Prague it’s a great place to see them jamming out to the music and singing all the notes in English.

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