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I keep hearing about this Puerto Vallarta place and hear they have a Gay-friendly Mayor and have a great gay beach and gay nightlife so this weekend we are going to check it out and do something completely off the beaten path. There is no circuit party going on and there is no special event that we know of… we just plan to hit up the sandy beaches and look at the beautiful greenish-blue water and get drunk while we check out the scene here.

I searched online for “gay puerto Vallarta” and came up with some really good information on the place. I learned that it is in the Mexican state of Jalisco (for those looking on Manhunt or another personal site and cannot find it) and also learned how to dial to Mexico from the U.S. It was quite a chore dialing the hotel we were planning to stay at called the Dreams Resorts and Spa which is about 5 to 10 minutes from the gay beach.

One site I found with the best information was GayGuideVallarta.com. One thing that I loved about this guide is that it told me how to get to the gay beaches in a taxi – you simply state “Blue Chairs beach” or “Los Muertos.” I am always scared of asking for anything gay in a foreign country or even out of state sometimes when I do not know my complete surroundings.

Good article here about the changing gay scene:

EBar News – Puerto Vallarta Gay Scene Changing

Manana Dancers in Puerto Vallarta We found out the best clubs to goto in the Puerto Vallarta area are Paco Paco and Manana if you are gay. Manana seemed busiest early in the morning around 1am. They had strippers at 11pm and 3am while Paco Paco had drag shows at the same times. It seemed all the bars in the area competed for the same 11pm and 3am time slots. Manana had the hottest waiters to bring your drinks out which was far better than a shot boy — I like to get a real drink not a shot! The salsa at the hotel was horrible but then Paco Paco had some senorita dishing out the best salsa and guac I have had in a long time… a nice way to sober up at 4am!

There is also Senor Frogs (if you are a hard core tourist and str8) but you can see that place in Cancun or any commercialized beach area…  I prefer to check out the gay clubs and see what the local scene is all about!

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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  1. I noticed a place where they are trying to bring gay clientele named the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa where the beaches are whiter and prettier than the southern PVR beaches. You can get a free buffet maybe room if you goto a 75 min timeshare type presentation. More info can be found at villadelpalmarloscabos.com. I would make sure they give you a free room or something for the 75 min of time they take away from your beach time but the resort looks nicer than Dreams!!

  2. manana has become bigger than paco paco/the ranch for the crowds that it pulls in especially on the weekends, and its stripper shows are quite popular. it’s the late night dance place.
    senor frogs which was in the same area has moved downtown recently.
    another useful site is http://www.discoveryvallarta.com
    a lot of guys like the upscale la Noche bar right around the corner from paco paco for a quieter ambience and conversation. or the

  3. Just returned from Puerto Vallarta last night. Manana is still the place to go later in the evening. Other fun spots are Fridas (as in Calo) which is just up the street from La Noche. Plasma has a cruisey backroom but was not busy at all the one night we went. Antropology is billed as a gay gentlemen’s club…very hot waiters and strippers. Several gay hotels to choose from such as The Abbey and Blue Chairs.

  4. I am from Guadalajara, me and my friends keep going to Puerto Vallarta · or 4 times a Year, We have noticed recently that prices have increased a lot considering the actual world crisis, gay entreprenuers, should be thinking about raising prices twice, because, It´s cheaper now to travel somewhere else than PV. For example, $150 pesos Friday cover in Mañana, the most expensive I paid in Paris was 8 Euros. “ITS PARIS” for example, $75 pesos a rum and soda in mañana. that´s also like in Paris. $120 pesos a White RUSSIAN. that´s like 10USD. The green chairs at the beach charge you cover to sit down, and also demand a 20% TIP for a lousy service.
    The CHOCOBANANA cafe. Charges $140.00 pesos for a SAnwchich. As I can say. Foreign people are the ones who support PV. If bussiness owners keep trying to become rich in only one high season, there will be no more high season to look forward to.

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