Red Party Week

I am still hungover from New Years and it is already Red Party time.  I am kidding I am hungover from last night.  I did party pretty hard on New Year’s though.

There are lots of Red parties going on this week and weekend.  One Red Party is tonight in  NYC with the hot boys of  Campus thursdays presents this party with long island tea drink specials and DJ Mikey Rave and a fabulous Long Island Tea special.  I am always scared when I hear of a LI Tea special because we normally know that means pre-mixed syrup and hardly any liquor – maybe these clubs need to start saying on the flyers it is not pre-mixed.  I wished I could make it to this party but I will be at the Red Party Houston instead.

Houston will also be throwing a Red Party this weekend with DJ David Knapp.  Advance tickets are only $15 which is relatively cheap for a circuit DJ.  The party will be at South Beach Nightclub in Houston in the Montrose area which is 18 to enter.  If you need a hotel to stay at nearby there is a Sheraton off of Highway 59 and Kirby and many hotels near the Galleria shopping area.  Rich’s threw the hottest Red Event last year but they have no announcements on their site.

The Red Party should be an event that gives more than just a Valentines day circuit event.  It should also represent the color of giving back to the gay community for Aids related charities.

There is talk of other smaller Red Parties in other cities but none that really stand out besides these two.  I think I will be wearing black instead of red in remembrance of Anna Nicole Smith.

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