Roxy Nightclub to close after 16 years

The Roxy Nightclub in New York City will be shut down after sixteen years of performances, headline DJ’s, and surprises. Madonna has played a few times at the Roxy and not just made appearances but actually performed several songs. Roxy is one of the last major gay clubs to be shut down or town down because of regulations or underage drinking. Maybe it’s high time to make drinking 18+ but that’s another subject we should get some attitude on. Then again there are other well known clubs that were shut down to build such tragic things as ballparks including one of the largest gay spots in America known as Nation D.C and the stripper bar “Wet”.

I am not familiar with the State Liquor Authority but I am sure they are as communist as the TABC in Texas. Station 4 in Dallas is not even allowed to have contests anymore because they feel they promote drinking. Clubs around the state of Texas are having problems running contests because groups like the TABC say contests that include hot dancing shirtless or in boxers could promote more drinking. Dallas nightlife was also hit hard when Club Eden, a strip club during the day, was the afterhours dance scene for the hottest people in Dallas their dance permit is taken away. You now cannot dance in Club Eden afterhours you have to sit at tables and stare at each other.

The teens, queens, and party scenes today just do not seem to have the balls to go up against the communist government of ours. We need to do something to stand up to all of our famous night clubs shutting down including Avalon NYC, Roxy NYC, etc. Think about all of the raves that disappeared because of the laws that were passed to stop dancing at these happy events.

New York club life will suffer again from another club closing down. The tourists from foreign countries and other states will goto NYC looking for clubs like Roxy, Avalon, or bars like CBGB and they will be no where to be found. It will be emptiness like the Studio 54 day ending but hopefully we can get some new things and learn from our mistakes. You would think the mayor or elected officials would finally realize the nightlife scene is a major reason some people visit NYC. The only problem is they cannot own stock in most nightclubs so if they do not see any money in it then lets just make it so people need permits to dance, permits to drink, and soon you will have to display permits to piss.

After almost two decades Roxy is closing its doors for good on Saturday, March 10, 2007. The building that held the Roxy will be demolished just like our buddies over in D.C. at Nation. This Saturday will be the last dance at Roxy and will definitely be a party that you should not miss if you are in the Manhattan area.

Saturday Nights in NYC
What will become out of the closing of the Roxy in NYC? You can expect lots of new parties popping up. I am sure John Blair will not waste any time starting up some events but there are a few others you may want to check out besides the usual suspects.

Saturdays @ Rebel
Vip List
Ride Saturdays @ Rebel Saturday
Cover: $8 Reduced Admission 10-12pm $10 After & General Admission $15
Location: Rebel Nightclub 251 West 30th Street @ 8th Ave 21+

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