Seattle Gay Scene

Seattle is a beautiful city and has the most gorgeous mountains wrapped around it. The weather can be cold as hell freezing over but there is lots of shopping and good bakeries. The club scene is not so exciting.

We started out at a place called the Cuff that has kind of taken over as the club of choice for most on Sundays and Fridays. They close at 2am but let me tell you they close down the bar at a crazy 1:30 or so. What the hell happened to 2am liquor service. This place had bears and maybe 2 twinks and a few other guys and girls. I noticed more girls in the clubs in Seattle than any other city with some attitude. The drinks at Cuff suck they are big but not much alcohol that I noticed. Never seen a leather type bar or shall I say a wanna be leather bar have such weak drinks oh maybe that’s why its a wanna be bar.

We then went over to R Place and it was busy on Friday and Saturday nights and they close at 2am. The lesbian upstairs makes strong drinks. Good music and a fun dance floor with a pole. They have a view of the neighborhood nearby from the windows of the dance room on the third floor. R Place charged $7 to get in which is kind of expensive. Not a huge fan of the ekevated dance floor.

Then there was this club that Seattle gay scene is known for called Neighbours which is featured on sites such as GayCities and ClubFly. I noticed Neighbours was featured as the only gay dance club in Seattle which is not really true because there is R Place and Cuff but they are open until 4am on the Friday and Saturday. The admission to Neighbours was around $4 and the drinks kind of sucked but hey the music was good. The DJ was friendly and played some good stuff but the dancefloor was just not that happening even though they by far had the best club in town with the lighting and dancefloor. They have three levels but the bottom level is rented out to a goth club which can be fun when you are in the mood to get freaky – I used to love the Church in Dallas.

Neighbours was my favorite club on the gay strip in Seattle but only seemed busy after alcohol at 2am to 4am because at those times it was 18 and up so everyone knew to show up then. So basically its the afterhours club in Seattle, WA.

I recommend the restaurant at the bottom of the Westin Seattle off 5th street and the Belltown Pizza bar/restaurant.

Seattle is not much of an exciting city for those who are used to big clubs and nightlife. If you like small bars and more of a laid back atmosphere and maybe being high all day and night then I recommend it. The city smells like pot and there is nothing wrong with that but hey lets break out the vodka redbull and move on to a bigger dancefloor and more boys to make out with!

One note on the Neighbours website is that it is non-existent and that their myspace has not been signed onto in a long time. This led me to believe that the club was not open and closed down so I was actually surprised it was even open. They really need to work on a new web presence and maybe find a way that you do not have to walk into a dark alley to get inside their club.

Where is the Gay Scene in Seattle? You will find most of the gay friendly establishments in the Capitol Hill area near Belltown and Downtown Seattle. Capital Hill has recently seen restaurant closings of long-time known gay frequented places. They are currently updating the area but it is nice that the main gay clubs are just down the street form each other off Pine and Broadway in this Capital Hill area.

Update 2017: Tuesday’s have Act Tue(a gay musical night) that gets busy at Capitol Cider. Could try rPlace, Neighbours, or queer/bar on Wednesday, but they’re all hit or miss nights. And rPlace for Thirsty Thursday’s or Neighbours for Stripper Circus on Thursday. Friday’s you could go pretty much anywhere CCs, Eagle, Cuff, Pony, Diesel, rPlace, or Queer/Bar.

Hotels: Silver cloud hotel is walkable to gay strip and Hometown Suites from Hilton is down street.

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