Everyday I’m Shuffling

The Shuffling craze took shape in 2011 and was seen mostly at straight clubs but also at gay clubs and even at some circuit events. I noticed it back several months ago when people were in the beginning stages of it where they looked like they really had to piss badly. I used to call it the piss dance. Although it is a fun dance and takes a lot of energy if you were to do it 24-7 like the LMFAO song implies. The song that kind of started the craze as we know it just scored Billboard’s 2011 Song of the Summer for ‘Party Rock Anthem’. That title normally means its the most over-played song of the Summer but this time it had a bad ass dance that went along with it! I love to watch people shuffle especially at afterhours parties. The dance originated in Melbourne, Australia where it got its name the Melbourne Shuffle. It is also referred to as rocking and brings in a style of club and rave. My only problem with the shuffling is that it takes away from people feeling the music as much as most as trying to shuffle instead of really feel the beat or get deep inside the music. I love watching people shuffle though just wished they knew other dance moves to get them through the night.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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