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Krystal Summers Station 4 DallasStation 4 (3911 Cedar Springs) is one of the largest clubs that I have been inside. Although, I do hear the clubs in Berlin are larger 🙂 It may be the largest gay dance club in Texas and have the largest dancefloor with an exception of Southbeach in Houston. You know they like to do things HUGE in Texas. Here are some pics from S4 Nightclub in Dallas: Photos include some of the crowd and Krystal Summers who was presenting the drag show in the Rose Room upstairs at S4 on Sunday night. Krystal Summers is definately one of the celebrities at this club and has the hooters to prove it. You will also find Edna Jean Robinson and Cassie Nova who do fabulous comedy routines. There is no smoking in the Rose Room area which is nice!

S4 is open Wednesday through Sunday and is 18 to enter on most nights including Weds, Thurs, and Sundays. Sundays are called “The Grind” for hip hop and are one of the most popular nights with the 18+ crowd. You will normally see a line outside the doors around 11:30pm and the club closes at 4am or so. Thursdays are the Cafe con Leche at S4 with DJ Cubanito with a Latino mix. Wednesdays will be the Boys Night Out where the hottest guy wins $100 prize by shirtless dancing on the box. Boys Night Out humping cig machine

S4 has some of the best bartenders in the world who are actually fast. I get impatient at other clubs because I am so spoiled at Station 4. The logo of the club looks like Studio 54 but it really comes from the former name of the club Village Station which has been remodeled for its 4th time now and been in business more than most nightclubs.

Krystal Summers at Rose Room DallasCaven Enterprises owns the club which also owns Sue Ellen’s (the “L” Word), JR’s Bar & Grill (sports bar), and TMC (The Mining Company, more circuity club). Almost every website I have found online seems to have the old information on this club so many out of towners may miss out on what Dallas and the Oaklawn scene are really about.

If you hit up the block in Dallas you may want to check out one of the best dj’s known as “hefty lefty” DJ Erik Thoresen.  He’s a Billboard Chart reporter and energizes the crowd Fridays at TMC and Saturdays at Station 4.

Dallas Scene Note:  If you are looking for 18+ clubs in Dallas on a weekend you may want to see if there is anything going on at 3025 Main Street where and other organizations bring in big name DJ’s.  Also, make sure you check out the Roundup across the street and Mickeys and Club Rush.

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  1. When will they put the boxes back in Station 4 again? It seems it would make it hotter. Might keep people on the dance floor or drinking instead of out on the patio smoking 🙂

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