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steamworks chicago bath house If you want to go afterhours of the afterhours there are a few steam or spa destinations you can check out. We tried to check out Steamworks but my friend was kicked out before he even got inside because they said he was too drunk. I mean how can you be too drunk for a bathhouse? I always thought the reason for the place was for a Detox. Maybe they would rather you be on Meth inside Steamworks. Either way they may have just had a bad employee because if it was not for the bad attitude of the employee working that night then there would not have been any problem letting my friend inside. My friend was only half as drunk as he normally is. I could probably say that the employee himself was methed out so he was a little on the paranoid side.

The guy at the door was so rude that he almost made other customers mad who he was not even waiting on.  I mean why is it that we have to hire these meth heads to work at the bathhouses and give them a worse image than they already have.  I am not some far right anti-drug hypocrite but I know how horrible meth is and how paranoid it makes people and this guy at Steamworks really seemed like one of these types.  It is time to get more drinking friendly people working at these establishments to get a better crowd and to possibly prevent more DWI’s.  I think bathhouses can be a great place to go after a club to sometimes even pass out and can be a great alternative to a hotel in some states such as Ohio.  As for Steamworks I would not give them a penny of my money until I know they get better, friendlier staff.

Attached to this post is a picture of a Steamworks loation in Chicago taken by our staff.  You notice it is windy out and the gay pride sign is showing up well.  The building that is touched up with a nice silver metallic modern look is highly discreet on the outside to just display Steamworks in a vertical fashion on the glass frames sticking out.

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