Sunscreen or Tampon Flasks used to Sneak Drinks into Events

What do you do when you want to make it out to a concert or an event especially the ones that are outside and they will not let you bring in drinks from the outside.  Maybe you are going somewhere the lines are just too long to stand in line all night long before last call.  Sometimes you need a way to store some vodka or alcoholic bevs back away so it is discreet enough the security is fooled into thinking it is tanning lotion or even a tampon as pictured here!  This will especially come in handy if you are river rafting say down the Guadalupe River near San Marcus or at the lake where you cannot have bottles and where you are not certain if it is legal.  Not saying to do something illegal just saying to be on the safe side and have your drink in a discreet way and no one gets bothered.  You can also save money doing this if you prefer a more expensive type of beverage.

tamponflaskEvents allow sunscreen but may not allow your margarita!
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