The Brighton Gay Scene

Brighton is an historic seaside town on the southern coast of England. It is famous for its two piers, the West pier which is now more or less destroyed by time and the elements and the recently renamed Brighton pier which is famous for its fairground attractions. Brighton is also famed for its Royal Pavilion, a fancy Palace built in the Regency style for King George IV in the early 19th century.

But there is so much more for the gay traveler to enjoy in Brighton than the usual tourist sites. Whether you fancy a night eating out, clubbing or simply cruising in the bars you’ll find a whole load of places to choose from as Brighton is now known as the ‘gay capital of Europe.’ O.k. so you might think that Amsterdam, London, Manchester or even Gran Canaria should deserve that title and you’d probably be right. But this article is about the ‘city by the sea’ so let’s have a quick tour around the better places to go in Brighton.

Which, by the way, is also a student town with two universities and several colleges, so there is plenty of young talent around.

Brighton bars seem to fall into two sets; the bar for the older guy and the bar for the younger set. For the younger crowd though go to Charles Street, on the seafront. It is a large bar that serves food and has a night club upstairs. You can call in for breakfast, read the papers, sit on the terrace or just meet your friends for drinks before a night out. It, like many of the Brighton bars, is friendly and welcoming. Next door you will find Kruze which also caters for the younger set with up to date music and swanky decor. If you’re more into the real student crowd then The Marlborough will appeal with its pool table, theatre and well priced food. You can also get real English ale here which makes a change from the standard lagers the other bars rely on. You’ll also find young and old alike enjoying cabaret and Karaoke at The Queens Arms and this traditional English Pub likes to have cute and sexy barmen behind the counter.

For a night of dancing and cruising then Revenge is your destination. This is Brighton’s biggest club, and its two dance floors and bars regularly attract a young and hip crowd. You’re guaranteed to have a wild night here and your eyes will be popping out of your head at the young guys dancing in their sexiest clothes long into the night. Once a month you can go to Wild Fruit, a party night event that has been running regularly since 1992 and one which attracts the cream of the boi crop. Check their website for when the next event will be. (See below). For a bit of everything in one place you can try Legends. This place has just been revamped and now contains a bar that has regular cabaret and the new Dance Venue downstairs. Upstairs is a hotel so you can even have a place to stay.

And if you want something a bit more steamy then The Amsterdam also has a hotel attached, a lively bar with a great terrace on the seafront and a busy sauna down in the basement. You’ll find a mixed age crowd here but everyone is friendly and you’ll be made to feel welcome.

That’s the good thing about Brighton: it’s small enough to keep a community, friendly feel and you can be anonymous or you can get yourself noticed. Most of the bars and clubs are within walking distance of each other and there’s even an open air cruising ground along at ‘the bushes’ by the Marina.

Useful Gay Travel links: for a list of venues, clubs, bars, accommodation and shopping for news on the next monthly party Brighton’s monthly, free gay news magazine that is also available as an no-line download

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