The Outdoors in your Birthday Suit

Get your clothes off and board the bus. Come on, don’t be shy. We’re going for a trip around the USA to find the best of the gay male nudist resorts; or at least the top ranking sites that talk about them. Let’s see what we can find.

First stop is at at the top of the list after searching for ‘gay nudists USA’. These guys sound like they know what they are talking about. Or maybe not – their top two resorts’ links didn’t lead anywhere. But I did find there, which listed all kinds of interesting pages including one for events and gatherings. So, next stop…

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania for the annual Gay Naturists International (GNI) gathering. On offer here are education, entertainment, relaxation, a lake, pools, workout rooms, sports and woodland walks. Sounds idyllic. But hurry- the event takes place between August 20th and 29th . If you’re too late book for next year, or try GNI’s Naked Getaway at Key West. (Back on the bus and off we go.) This is a quick getaway weekend and will run between December 5th to 7th . Last year it was perfect weather and over 100 guys showed up, sounds like fun. They use the Hobart and Equator resorts for this event and promise you pools, gardens, outdoor Jacuzzis and sundecks and, presumably lots of freely naked guys of various ages and types with not a care in the world. In 2007 this getaway coincided with the ‘Bone Island bare it all weekend’ at Key West. There are no details of a 2008 Bone Island (suspicious name) weekend as yet but keep an eye on for upcoming news.

And while we are on their site let’s see what other events and places are listed: Fort Lauderdale Eagle for… oh, too late, just missed that event. The Haulover Sun Club offers SCUBA diving trips, ( events page) though presumably you will have to wear something to do that; and it looks like a mixed event. There is naked Yoga to be had in Miami, a Leather weekend at Camp Mars, two hours drive northwest of Fort Lauderdale, in October, (presumably it’s possible to be naked and wearing leather at the same time) and a gathering, also in October, at Lake Como.

But what about resorts? So far it looks like you head south and attend a gathering or event. Very far south in some cases as there are nudist cruises and holidays to Mexico and Costa Rica available and I fear we are straying from the gay only path. Back to for some free advice…

And a list of nudist beaches in the USA arranged alphabetically with 56 in the A to M list, 33 in the N to W’s and a separate list for New England for some reason, which has five. Well, the good news is that it seems that as long as a state has a coastline you can strip off on it. 22 states are listed at this handy page and, though they may not be permanent resorts as such, you are allowed to go clothes-free anywhere from Hawaii with eight beaches listed, to New York with six. Unsurprisingly there are no beaches listed for Alaska. Check out the pages as they were the best information source that I found, start with: then pick your favorite state and you will find some links take you to just beaches while others also list resorts.

Also, Join us for Hippie Hollow where you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Travis in Austin for the Splash weekend coming up Labor Day Weekend.

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