College Thursdays at The Crib San Francisco

If there was a major Twink night or college 18 and up night in San Francisco The Crib would definitely be the place to find your boy. You have two rooms of dancing in what is normally a straight club with an exception of Thursday nights it is for the boys and their fag hags. Keep in mind the music in the main room is almost 100 percent hip hop after the drag show is over. There are some performances and contests along the way but the club closes down at 2am and the hip hop becomes a bit reductive with no dance mixes. You have to go in the other room to get dance music and that part of the building closes down earlier. The location is not too bad it is near the Union Square area of San Francisco at 715 Harrison street at 3rd street in SOMA. We recommend you wait until Friday night and head over to the Cafe for much better music and most of the boys will find a way in without having to hear all the hip hop. Here are some pics though of when we were there and saw plenty of Santa outfits of twinks in Christmas underwear. I know a bit late on this post but here it is!

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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