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lostvegasgayRevo Sundays LGBT night To End
October 2015: The entire Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage will close completely October 14th. Say goodbye to Revolution Sundays!

Share Nightclub is undergoing a “Remodel”
October 2015: Some management and staff changes have already occurred. A slight remodel—ending with a New Year’s Eve grand reopening—will take place over the next few months, with a larger revamp planned for 2016. The calendar looks similar to last month’s, but that could change by NYE. Share Nightclub in Las Vegas claims that Friday’s popular Stripper Circus is here to stay regardless of the remodeling taking place.

It seemed as if Liaison Nightclub was doing spectacular as it gave away 10,000 in prizes for Halloween, had Ru Paul stars such as Coco Monteose performing along with others, Official Britney Spears after parties and had Lance Bass host nights with bottle services in the $200’s at tables. The club was located inside of Bally’s which is an odd location but being across from Drai’s you would think it wasn’t too bad. Liaison Las Vegas closed its doors last week and took away its Facebook page.

Liaison Nightclub had a line extending to Bally’s slot machines, with generally packed dance floors, several occupied VIP tables and busy bars between midnight and 2 a.m.—typically signs of a healthy, successful night. Several attendees sported Britney Spears shirts, having just walked over from Planet Hollywood where she had just performed for the afterparty.

This ultralounge was first of its kind inside a Vegas casino—which opened its doors last June after Victor Drai and this team moved their afterhours party back to its basement location at the Cromwell but kept the space they renovated at great expense. Even as January reportedly saw an uptick in attendance, the Drai team has decided to end the operation. Employees were informed last week at a meeting.

LiasonlasvegasA rep for the club issued a statement to the Weekly: “After a great run, which saw major LGBTQ icons like Laverne Cox and Lance Bass celebrate at Liaison Nightclub, the lights have turned off as of Wednesday, February 4. While the Drai’s family looks forward to supporting and staying very active in the LGBTQ community, the Liaison Nightclub space will soon be transitioning into an exciting new nightlife concept.”

We heard that announced performers ended up at competing clubs and that this club didn’t book enough GLBT superstars with drawing power, even after Cox (Orange is the New Black) drew a packed house. The club had an emphasis on being more respectable and upscale and that may not have appealed to younger gay clubbers who prefer raunchier and more casual nightlife. The club struggled to compete with other established GLBT dance clubs that offer free admission, cheaper drinks, relaxed dress codes and go-go dancers. I have never been a fan of dress code clubs in the gay scene as they always fail and I mean ALWAYS fail. Gays are not big on dressing like the common sheep wearing suits out to a nightclub. We wanna look sexy to dance with the man of our dreams when we go out.

What others are saying about Liaison closing:
“Sad news about Liaison Night Club in Las Vegas. Had a great time djing there this last December. It was really packed then and it seemed like the club was catching on with Jan being busier than Norm. I think they pulled the plug too soon if you ask me.” Steve Sidewalk, NYC DJ at VIVA Saturdays and Feathers New Jersey.

Las Vegas is going backwards almost back to where it was pre-Krave. Krave was a milestone in the GLBT Vegas community and it was on the strip and close to the rainbow stretch. It was the perfect location and venue. If Krave would have stayed put at the Harmon theater we would not even be discussing Liaison right now. Krave moved twice since then under different owners and failed again we are not sure what happened but most likely they could not draw the crowds as before. Their website indicates they are temporarily closed.

Piranha now has a 24 hour license so you can gamble and look at dancers and hear a DJ all day and night if you wish. The problem with that is its really the 8 1/2 bar side that really is not that exciting. That place needs a remodel or a refresh to combine the two clubs and a way to always keep them open and busy. Gypsy which was featured on Bar Rescue looks like it got hit by a tornado as its under construction. No telling what will happen with that.

There are still some gay nights such as Sundays at Revolution the Beatles club inside the Mirage. I went this past sunday as it was heavily promoted on Grindr with people adding you on the guestlist before 1am and it was still pretty dead. They even had a lipsync contest that night. Although the music was a bit top 40. You would expect more of a House night on a Sunday night.

The sad thing about the gay nightlife in Vegas not making it is that the straight and mainstream clubs are the highest grossing clubs in the nation if not in the world. XS has topped Nightclub & Bar magazine’s Top 100 although they feature Skrillex, Kaskade, Diplo and David Guetta, saw a reported $103-$105 million come in from clubbers and VIPs in 2014—roughly $10 million more than it grossed in 2013. Hakkasan landed at No. 2 located inside the The MGM Grand, the Vegas home of dance giants Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Tiësto, also reportedly brought in $100-$103 million. The two enormo-clubs are just two of 15 local nightlife venues on this year’s national rankings chart, and there are seven in the top 10 alone.

1. XS ($103-$105 million+)
2. Hakkasan ($100-$103 million+)
3. Marquee ($80-$85 million)
4. Tao ($50-$55 million)
6. Surrender ($40-$45 million)
9. Hyde Bellagio ($25-$30 million)
10. Lavo Las Vegas ($20-$25 million)

If you think Gay clubs do not make the top 100 then think again. The Abbey in West Hollywood made the list. The country saloon Roundup in Dallas made the list. The Avalon nightclub that hosts an 18 and up Tigerheat night made the top list!

You just have to think if Vegas has this kind of pull for the straight community why not the gays? One thing about Krave was that it would book Tony Moran or big name DJs on weekends. That is something you do not see at the existing clubs such as Share. Share just has its regular Stripper Circus and Saturday night DJ which really does not take kind to requests.

The GLBT Nightlife in Las Vegas needs a club that will bring in the huge gay circuit djs and huge theme events and pull in everyone who comes to visit also giving the gays a reason to visit. It can be done the millions are floating around in Las Vegas and you could draw a mixed crowd or do whatever it takes to make the numbers to be on the top 10 list that Jon Taffer approves of with Nightclub and Bar! Liaison was too dressy and a word that was hard to text. The name and the image made it look too bitchy to want to deal with and the gays just went on over to Share. If the gays wanted bitchy they would go to Marquee and stand in long lines and wear suits.

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