White Party Roundup 2012

Fabulous year once again at Jeffrey Sanker’s big party in the California desert.  We snapped some photos and videos from the 2012 White Party in Palm Springs including the closing party with Jessica Sutta.   See our Gay Dance Youtube Channel for the videos of Mary J. Blidge and one hot video of Kimberly Cole.  

Djs Hector Fonseca and Theresa were by far some of the best Djs at this event and really tore the house down for 2012.  They are the same team that made one of the final Arabian Nights at Gay Disney one of the best of all time.  They played the LMFAO mix of Madonna’s LUV song that led into Party Rockin’ that had everybody tearing up the floor.  We really cannot say the same for NERVO they were a bit too BPM satellite radio and not really any cutting edge music that we are used to hearing at this party.  Compared to past DJs such as the Freemasons NERVO was hot to look at and fun to watch dance but their music really did not blow us away.3-D Dance Dome – DJs Nina Flowers & Chad Jack was yet to be discovered.  We never could find such a thing unless it was in the bathroom hallway area.  We really missed the Chi Chi LaRue Dj Room that they once had we could party in if we want to hear different music.  The hallway dance dome thing was kind of awkward because how do you dance in a hallway that is supposed to be a dome?

Backstage in the VIP area..

Photo from the T-Dance on Sunday

I think these guys get best couple at the White Party what do you think?

We really enjoyed seeing JoJo perform live again.  She may be a one-hit wonder but it was a damn good hit.

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