Winter Party 2009

The Winter Party benefiting the Gay and Lesbian Task Force which is a grassroots political muscle was quite an event this year. The events are hella expensive but it makes you feel better when you are giving back to the community such as the Task Force.  This event brings some of the biggest dj’s to the Miami area
just a few weeks before the Winter Music Conference.  It also brings in guys and gals from London, Paris, and from all abroad.

I will say that two dj’s stood out more than anyone at the events and they were DJ Roland Belmares at the pool party and Offer Nissam at Mansion Sunday night. We got to the pool party late and did not want it to end just loving Roland’s music as always.  I never realized the following Offer Nissam had until this weekend.  It was something else to watch!

The party Saturday night was held at ParkWest in downtown Miami next to Space. It was the biggest waste of time and money. First of all they do not allow re-entry. You would think after paying $80 to get in a party
you could damn well re-enter the motha. I think just to be able to breath someone would have to walk outside it was like 100 degrees inside there which came down to 99.9 degrees when the nitrogen came down for its split second. I understand nitrogen is expensive but the club in Houston called Southbeach pours it down for several minutes until you freeze and this circuit party could barely squeeze out a few drops leaving us sweating to death lol. But hey its all good we will run our way out of this place and learn our lesson.

So we head over to Twist because its open until 5am and everyone else did the same because the Mercury Rising party was too hot, bartenders from hell, oh wait it was hell… We then get over to Twist and there was a line going all the way down to the next block outside twist and the fire marshall was not allowing anyone to go inside.  They kept people standing outside twist for an hour and a half and when it was around 4:40am they decided to inform everyone no one else is getting inside the rest of the night.  Well so much for Saturday night it was a waste.

The beach party the next day was lots of fun. We especially loved the grand stands at the side it was like a high school football game with WINTER PARTY words on both sides.  That’s hot!

FOOD BREAK – If you want a cheap, trendy, and really tasty place to eat try out Raphael’s off Lincoln.  We ate there twice while we were there in South Beach.  They had some 50% off deal and it was like $7 for delicious pasta meals.  And yeah we did eat some lol.

Sunday night was Cameo which used to be Crowbar with DJ Tony Moran.  We were super excited to goto Cameo again and hit it up for a bit, danced, then went down to see Offer Nissam at the Work party at Mansion.  Yup, another eighty bucks.  Cha-Ching! We walked in and it was lots of hot juicy dancers and amazing music.  It was like a religious experience with Offer Nissam playing he was waving his hands from side to side doing a show on top of the spinning of the music.

We stayed at the Doubletree Surfcomber hotel Saturday and Sunday nights and sure loved the cabanas and quick walk over to the beach.  The shopping in South beach is always addictive until you realize how much you just spent!

I think next year we will just skip the Saturday night party since it has not been all that great two years in a row now.  We will for sure do the pool party and beach party and just do twist and score for the clubbing part at night. Save some money and not die of a heatstroke inside the saunas.

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