Bad Boy Adam Lambert

He does look like a young and hot version of Boy George in some of his new concert pics with the big top hat on but we didnt expect him to start getting in trouble like Boy George.  Actually he looks more like a hot Boy George and Elvis put in one but hes really showing his butchness this week as the paparazzi tried to ruin his day at the beach.  Can a boy have fun at the beach? As his tour is Moving towards Melbourne, Florida he stopped off at Miami Beach yesterday and was bothered by the paparazzi where he supposedly lost his temper and tried to grab for something in the photographers bag now they are saying it may be battery.  Seems like a waste of taxpayers money to me since the photographer was not harmed.  But they should fear Lambert hes a big guy and we are glad he stood up to them.  But at the same time hope they got some good shirtless pics on the beach 🙂

Here are some pics from Adam Lambert while he was in Dallas and Oklahoma doing some shows at the Casino.  It was a great concert and we really wish we could have seen him in more shows across the US.  I love how he can look like Elvis like one minute and move around and sing that Ring of Fire song (johnny Cash) then turn into a Boy George look with another song.  His guitarist that blond boy is so hot to look at we will always think of him as a hero after seeing him kiss him on the AMA Awards.  We would love to see more CLUB PLAY of Adam’s Songs and more entries on the Billboard charts he certainly deserves it.  If you know hes coming in concert near you you will probably see him out and about for the after club parties.  Get out and meet him!

Here we have one of the best Adam Lambert look-a-likes.  Also, read more about our outing in Dallas.

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