Boy George Jailed for 15 months

Could it be that Boy George has lost his mind or that an escort-model was not someone he could trust?  Boy George was jailed last week in London for a 15 months sentence because of a male model/escort accusing him of imprisonment.  Yes, a story of a guy running down the street in his underwear, erotic photos, and bizarre emails.

The boys meet on Gaydar a social networking site for the GLBT mostly used in European countries.  The Singer Boy George also known as George O’ Dowd who has recently been known for his DJing rather than his singing contacted Audun Carlsen on to take some modeling pictures (or escorting perhaps?).  Audun Carlsen did an interview with a Norwegian Magazine where he said that Boy George wanted more than to take pictures and that he refused to have sex with him and that he was high on lots of “cokain” cocaine.  He went on to say that refusal was too much for the Culture Club star and that he and a buddy tied him up where he had his hand cuffed somehow hanging from a hook on the wall.

The whole story sounds rather crazy to me.  I mean you have a guy known as an escort or is he a model or whatever he is and an ex-pop singer now DJ.  The 29-yr old boy from Kristiansand acts as if George was the only one on Cocaine or drugs… yeah right.  Honey that would be like getting in Willie Nelsons RV and not getting high on the herbs smoking in there.  Turns out they were both on the white powder.

Could he have stolen pictures from George?  All I know is that the “model” is much hotter in the photos that Boy George took.  And where is the other guy involved in beating him up and tying him to the wall or is he just embarrassed to admit he was involved in some kind of crazy shoot with Boy George.

The eighties superstar had a tour planned last year in the United States but was not granted a visa at the time.  He was known for being out quite a bit in the NYC club scene before his return to the UK…he maybe should have stayed in the US.  It seems like a court sentence that was unfair given the circumstances of both of the men (or boys in this case).

This was nothing when you think of the Party Monster club kids or the horrible things that happened to Bryan Kocis of Cobra Video.

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