Former Gipsy Nightclub Employees say Bar Rescue was a Sham!

gayoletimegipsyvegasBrandon Johnson the bartender who was fired and appeared bitchy on the Bar Rescue show on Gipsy nightclub’s redo in Las Vegas commented on Facebook that the show was a sham as you will see in the post image.

We have also found out that the Gay Ol Time signage was edited out of the final show of Bar Rescue. This was considered a slap in the face to the gay community with the unusually bright lighting behind the bar. It might be the same as posting “Black Ole Time” in a predominately african american nightclub.

barrescuevegasgayDaniel DeeJay RicochĂ© Geer the DJ has also commented. Having worked in television, I can tell you, without a doubt, there is a process. Editors are instructed to edit the show a certain way, and producers “guide” the people involved to get the result they want for entertainment purposes. There are other Vegas venues (both gay and straight) doing much, much worse, including prostitution, forcing employees to work for free because checks won’t clear, liquor law violations, etc. Here is what I can tell you. Bar Rescue has a fixed budget to “rescue” each bar and the majority of that was spent on exterior paint and signage/lighting. Inside the bar, all they did was drape a bunch of fabric, fill the dance floor with furniture and slap on some paint. Oh, and that hideous “Gay ‘Ol Time” sign. They didn’t even touch the back room or bathrooms. The “completely redone sound system” consisted of a Mackie microphone mixer and 2 refurbished Pioneer CDJ 1000’s. The bar need MUCH more help than that show could have ever provided, and that is why the bar has been completely gutted. The work was beyond shoddy and would have never met code standards (The show doesn’t pull permits for any of the work it does) I cannot speak to the future of GIPSY, beyond what is on the Facebook page. Those of us affiliated with the bar hope to see this gay Vegas landmark reopen to much success sometime this fall, and can do without the mud slinging.

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