Best Club in Dallas

When you think of gay clubs in Dallas you might think of the small bars on the Oaklawn strip but if you want a club that is big then you may want to jump into this bi, gay, try, str8 mixed crowd.  The Lizard Lounge is by far the best club in Dallas.  It is not only Legendary but if you want a club that is 18 to enter on Fridays and Saturdays it is the ONLY place you can go unless you try and sneak into a gay bar on the strip that is 21 and over.

The Lizard Lounge just so happens to be hosting the kickoff of the Purple Party next weekend with DJ Alyson Calagna to benefit the AIDS services of Dallas.  The opening of the Dallas Purple Party only costs $15 and goes to a great charity and you can check out a legend of a nighclub.  Sit in the lounge chairs upstairs and look down at the chandaler or you can go up on the balcony and look at the skyline of Dallas.  What other club can you do that in and not expect some silly dress code?

The LIzard Lounge is not only one of the hottest clubs in the nation but brings out the mysteriousness that a real club should be.  The sexiness and passion of nightlife comes alive inside this church building.

Coming up this weekend at the Lizard Lounge is DJ Irene.  We last saw her spin a great show at Krave in Las Vegas.  Following DJ Irene is a foam party at the Lizard lounge afterhours called Insomnia where they will have a foam party with DJ Raydar and Andy Szontagh.

Also, June 25th they plan to bring in Paul Van Dyk.  Dance to that biotches!

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