Best Gay Bar in the World

The LOGO Network has a website taking votes now for the best gay bar in the World.  Their poll over at Trip Out Gay Travel has many interesting choices listed but very far apart from each other.  It starts out with The Abbey, in West Hollywood which started out as a coffee shop but now a “Gay DisneyLand”.  Abbey is a nice bar known for big celebrity sightings and their fierce Mojitos or shall I say heavily fruity drinks.  Not much of a dance club inside but it is normally packed wall to wall and hard to enter unless you know someone at the door and even then you may have a riot if you walk past the line of other V.I.P.’s.  Because in L.A. everyone is V.I.P. right?

Next on the list is Exit from Amsterdam and as everyone dreams of going to this alternative pot smoking city we find ourselves wondering do they really have a good gay scene or is it all hype.  Do the bars close down at 2am?  No, actually they close down at 5am unlike some stories I have heard.  But judging from the pics from Exit it is not the multi-leveled club I was looking for but I’d rather go in person and judge for myself.

Le Drugstore in Montreal, Quebec is listed as one of the nominees being a hot lesbian club.  The biggest lesbian club in the World for over ten years.  Does it have the fierceness to be the hottest gay spot in the world?

Sidetrack in Chicago, Illinois is listed as a nominee and it is one of the funnest bars I have been in.  Just because it is in Chicago mainly.  You can see Ms. Fuzee doing her thing here and catch some chat with some hotties on the patio.  The dancefloor seems rather claustrophobic since it is so tight but its still a fun club/bar.

Rio & Sao Paulo both have clubs called “The Week”.  Must be a good “week” not just a “good night”.  So if you have a feeling for these clubs and you know its gonna be a good week then vote for this one.  I think every gay boys dream vacation is to hit up the A-list over in Rio and meet some hot Brazilian boys.

The winner from our tastes goto the best gay club in the world from 2008 and will most likely get the award this year… Heaven Nightclub.  If you tour London and miss out on the hottest nightclub in the world then you missed Popcorn mondays and G-A-Y Saturday nights with fierce performers around 2am.  Friday’s are a bit too retro for me at this club but Saturdays are incredible and will make you hallucinate and see Steve Rubell dancing around in the corner because you know its a real club.

Tell us what club or bar you think is the best in the world…

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