“Athletes” Bonding with a Hot 4-way Makeout Session in Brazil Goes Viral

Revelers at Carnatal in Natal (located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte) managed to pull off a highly passionate four-way kiss. The highly contemporary, no-doubt innovative display of group love happened to be captured on video, and quickly amassed over a million views on Facebook. The Carnatal is a raucous dance party, replete with trucks full of blaring speakers and a nomadic mass of revelers.

The video was taken during Carnatal, the largest off-season Carnival in Brazil with three “athletes” having an intense make-out session during the festivities, before a fourth person decides to get involved and they break off into two pairs.

Some of the gay media has reported these as athletes but they are actually just wearing uniforms but we can pretend:
“I just can’t even. Those are not athletes. They are only wearing tank tops called “abadás” which are a specific T-shirt for a specific street party, they are sortta party tickets related to a specific band here in Brazil.”
“Lmao, not athletes. They’re wearing “abadás”, something like a ticket to the party but as clothes. It’s very common in some Carnival parties.”

Either way we want to attend this party and need to add it to our wish list of events to attend next year.

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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