The sexiest places on Earth

This is a hard one, no pun intended. Where is your sexiest place on Earth? Why is it ‘sexy’ and what’s there to make it so? I did some scouting around the net to find top destinations for gay guys, top lists of what others thought were sexy places, and whittled the lists down to six. Here are my thoughts on what are considered to be six of the sexiest places on the planet. In no particular order:

Barcelona Spain
Classic architecture, hot Hispanic boys in tight trousers, nights under the stars with a glass of Rioja and a tapas or two, romance and… bull fighting? Well, forget that last one and think about what else Barcelona has to offer us.

You have a wealth of the usual gay bars, discos, nightclubs and beaches, and you’ve got the Med right there on your doorstep. Start at the port (where better for some Matelos and sailors?), and the beginning of Las Ramblas, the main gay thoroughfare that everyone heads for. It leads you straight up to the centre of town, stopping short of the main gay village, it’s a popular street for street-performers and can be crowded with life, and professional pick-pockets, the only downside. In Spain you don’t go out to eat until after 10.00 pm so expect late and sultry nights under the night sky. Grab a siesta in the afternoon and prepare yourself for the sights and sounds, of those sexy Catalonian boys.

Key West, Florida
Did you now that Key West, Florida, is home to the nation’s only gay and lesbian historic trolley tour? They mean street-car type trolley, not supermarket type trolley. It’s also home to some of the sexiest parties and events on the planet, well, so their official gay website tells us. It’s your typical sun, sea, sand and sex destination with romantic places to dine, hot beaches to cruise, plenty of nightlife and gay friendly paces to stay. Accommodation here ranges from the luxurious for those with the cash, to the basic but comfortable for those on a budget. And then you have the festivals: Pride, Bear, Women – ad ‘fest’ to the end of each, plus many other events all year round. Romantic and buzzing; a really sexy place.

Las Vegas
This one surprised me; I thought Las Vegas was only casinos and gambling in the middle of nowhere? (Sorry.) But no, it’s a top gay destination and not just among gamblers. I’m told that there is a small town, fun feel to the place and plenty of friendly gay bars and clubs sprinkled around. There are spas and bathhouses too, plus endless miles of shopping opportunities. Krave is a big night club on the strip ‘expensive but fun’ according to one recent visitor, and I found a list of gay/gay-friendly restaurants for your romantic nights out which were, more or less, all given a five star rating by folk who had actually used them. Sounds like Las Vegas is a place for late night fun, following a romantic dinner among the glittery lights of The Strip.

Rio De Janeiro Brazil
This almost goes without saying. It’s not the safest city on the planet, but then where is? But it must be the most vibrant, lively, fun and laid back one. You’ve got all the Latin heat you handle here, from the spicy boys on the beaches to the spicy food on your plate. You’re watched over by the famous statue, and you have the world as your oyster when it comes to carnivals, festive occasions, quiet dinners and romantic walks by the sea. Head south and you’ll be hooked in no time.

Tel Aviv Israel
And another surprise entry into the list. Don’t think that it’s all troubles and battles here, there is more to this sexy place than you might glean from the media. It’s a 24 hour city with a reputation for being ‘one of the world’s finest and friendliest GLBT travel destinations.’ They will be having their Gay Pride celebrations there on June 10th 2011, so that’s one for your diary, and while you are there you’ve got a host of nightlife opportunities with many regular, occasionally, and once-a-month bars and clubs open to all. And did I mention the weather, the gay film festivals and the welcoming people? All those hot Israeli boys and girls waiting to welcome you intimately to their sexy city?

Palm Springs CA
And finally good old Palm Springs CA. the very name suggests luxurious hotels and locations, the beautiful sea, the toned boys, the sexy girls, the nightlife and parties, the warm weather the swimming in the clear sea, everything you could wish for in a sexy holiday destination. Again you’ve got plenty of romantic places to wine and dine your loved one, loads of choices of places to stay and go, sights to see and many events to hook into; from the Film Festival in January, to the Desert Romp in May, there’s something for everyone at this top destination.

So, a very quick rundown of what’s considered the set of top, sexy gay destinations. Here’s a challenge to leave you with: how many have you been to, and which one will you visit next? Can you see all of them within the next 12 months? Worth a try!

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  1. It is an 18 and up event held once a month or so at the Hard Rock Cafe (not resort) and sometimes they appear at some Monday night Piranha events but that is 21.

  2. I love Barcelona and do get horny on Israely guys BUT there is one small place there you can find a lot and great looking guys

    guys check Riga

    you will love it

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