Britney Spears is against gay marriage?!?

britneyagainstgaymarriageThe National Enquirer is claiming that our diva Britney Spears is against gay marriage in a recent story. The tabloid that reports on alien abductions and celebrity weight gain claims the “Work Bitch” singer loves her gay fans but isn’t down for marriage equality because it makes Jesus cry. Wow this sounds more like Jessica Simpson or someone would say not our Brit Brit. Isn’t Britney the person we refer to when we have an example of how a marriage should not be? She shouldn’t be giving any advice.

“Britney has worked with and danced with a LOT of gays over the years,” a close source told The Enquirer. “She’s never been homophobic but she doesn’t support gay marriage because the Bible is against it.” What?? The part about adultery, fornication and not bashing a car windshield with an umbrella she doesn’t follow?

“Britney grew up singing in the church and attends the local Baptist church when she’s home in Louisiana,” claims an insider. “She says the Bible bans gay marriage and she follows that teaching.” The magazine says Spears’ admission that homophobic self-help guru Max Lucado is her favorite author as evidence of her views. (Lucado claims legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to incest and bestiality.)

“When Britney spouted off about Lucado being her favorite author, I doubt that she even knew about his opposition to gay marriage,” the source noted. “She just shot off her mouth. Now she’s stunned that her remarks have everyone so worried. Her handlers have always promoted her to the gay audience, and they’re scrambling to do damage control.”

The irony of all of this. I was just wondering the other day where the National Enquirer has been all of this time and how TMZ and Perez Hilton and all the bloggers have replaced the print editions of tabloids. Also, just thinking that tabloids are named after the size of the paper so you really can’t call an online publication a tabloid if you want to be technical.

I have witnessed Britney Spears inside a gay club a few times in Las Vegas once when she was at Piranah actually during Hustlaball. We know she is not homophobic but may be against gay marriage because of her religious upbringing. If she expects to have any album sales she better change her mind quick. We were actually hoping Britney Spears or Pink would be the one of the big acts for White Party Palm Springs 25th Anniversary this coming April. an event that she has attended before.

Wait?  Is that Cher in that Enquirer cover saying she only has 3 years to live?  I guess this will be the Farewell tour.  Kidding aside.  I bet Cher lives longer than the people who printed those lies about her…and the same for Britney.

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