Britney Spears at White Party for Agnes Performance

While I was inside the VIP tent that had a circus theme I was thinking to myself that it sure looked like something Britney would put together.  Then again the whole T-Dance is kind of circus like so maybe it was just a coincidence or they knew all along Britney would be there.   I looked over the Britney pic and could not figure out that area where she was because I did not see a closed off section in the VIP area like that but it was the same seats and colors.  Definitely makes it worth your VIP pass purchase if you get celebrity sightings along with an area to chill.   Interesting though that she came out to the White Party to see Agnes and even posted about it on Twitter.. that shows she still loves her gays and she is not too domestic these days.  I was beginning to wonder about her!  This may have been the first Circuit Party I have seen her attend but then again she has been spotted during Hustlaball in Vegas at Piranha nightclub in the VIP section upstairs for about 30 minutes or so that night.  

While Britney was in Palm Springs she hung out at the T-Dance in her VIP area of course and some backstage to meet up with Agnes “Release Me” and Kim Zolciak “Tardy For The Party” with additional Real Housewives.  Agnes did a few songs that led up to her hit dance song “Release Me” which had everybody jumping.

The T-Dance was not only full of shirtless men but had drag queens from Ru Pauls Drag Race among a mix of everyone.  The ferris wheel was a great view of the most gorgeous Palm Springs and the surrounding mountains and then they had the drop down ride which I could not get anyone to ride with me.  Scarredy cats.  My goal next year is to find someone and make out on the ferris wheel looking out at the mountains with Britney actually performing on stage.  That would be hot!

The great thing about the White Party in Palm Springs is that you will meet guys from Vancouver, Seattle, London, and all over.  One of the great reasons we love circuit parties so much.

But so much for Britney Spears Standing there for a photo-op lets get to the real pics of the party where we saw Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of Atlanta perform her hit song umm Twice.  She only performed that one song but hey I guess we had to hear a repeat.. we got some good pics of her though.

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