Britney Vegas Show

Yes, it is the beginning of Ms. Britney’s comeback and it has to do with M&M’s. Not the candy chocolate but the band name she is using to book concerts at the House of Blues in San Diego and Las Vegas. We found out from and even watched her tour bus go down the San Diego Freeway with fans and cameras following closely. You cannot say this is not a huge deal.

Me and my buddy Dean decided it is time to hit up Vegas for the weekend and if Britney uses this M&M name to cancel the show and some dancing M&M’s show up then we will just put it past us and party it up in Vegas. Then again we sure hope Britney Spear’s is really coming with her hot back up dancers to show us some sexy moves and vocals.

There is also the chance we may see her partying, as we did last time we were in Vegas for Hustlaball and Piranha 8 1/2. There is also gay pride weekend going on this weekend with special Friday night Psycho Midget Wrestling to be held at Krave (next to Planet Hollywood Casino).

Details on the Britney Show: She is performing at the House of Blues in Las Vegas at 7pm. Tickets are $60+ for general admission standing room only and are being sold on Ticketmaster, eBay and Craigs List.

We hope to see you there or at the Piranha, 8.5, and Krave!

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been there done that. and i wanna do it again in a better way.

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